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Blah, blah, blah, it’s the FAQ’s…

We get asked the same questions again and again, yawn, so we thought we’d write it all down for you. That way, you don’t have to wait for our answers since we can get quite busy, being creative and all.

I can see you're live in the UK... when are you launching in my country?

Yes that’s right, we’re live in the UK now and are planning on landing in more countries as soon as we can. Want us in your local store? Register below and we’ll get the app your way, as soon as we can. While you’re at it, why not tell your mates about us too, because the more people who register, the sooner we’ll land in your country.

Can I upload my own photos?

Great news (especially for those of you who know your light and angles) you can upload photos to your profile from your phone, Instagram and Facebook accounts!

Guide to Profile Photos:

You know we have your back here at CLiKD. We want to make sure you’re showing off your most authentic self and that everyone is having the best possible experience. To do that, there are few tips and regulations that help us help you. So, have a look and trust us. As the dating experts, we know what we’re talking about!

*Please note that these tips and regulations are the basis of making sure the app is a fun, yet safe environment. We are well within our rights to remove your pictures or user profiles, if they don’t adhere to the regulations listed below. We don’t want to have to do this, but if we have to, we will! CLiKD is a place for everyone to feel comfortable, so the following will be enforced:

1. Your first photo is your first introduction. It’s people’s first look at who you are! So, give us a clear shot that shows your face. Give the people what they want!

2. Prospective matches want to see as many sides of you as they can in your profile… within reason. Ideally 4 or more photos of you is perfect! However, look to leave out pictures of your car or favourite brand’s logo, so your profile is all about you.

3. Everyone loves pets and pretty landscapes, but they can’t date them! Make your profile all about someone they can date… YOU! Put yourself front and center of every photo for the best results.

4. The face is the “money maker” for a reason. Make sure your pictures don’t cut out your face or hide it in poor light or masks/goggles. Give the world what it wants to see!

5. We know you look great in your underwear, but like the torso only pictures, save it for in person. Photos of beachwear and sportswear are all good, as long as they’re not explicit in any way.

6. Only one of each picture is needed. No need for duplicates, they can always scroll back to a picture if they want to see it again. If it’s a choice between the original and the filtered/lens heavy one, we’ll go with the original. Always!

7. We all love Snapchat and Instagram, but using their filters on your photos is only going to reduce your chances are finding your perfect match! Keep the dog ears out of your profile pics!

8. CLiKD want to provide a safe space for everyone to connect, because of that photos with weapons will only be accepted if the primary subject of the photo is a uniformed member of the armed forces or police… or if it is clearly a paintball or water gun!

9. Blurry, grainy, out of focus, dark or incorrectly rotated photos aren’t going to do you any favors. How can your new partner trust you to take beautiful photos as a new couple, if you can’t even mange to get these basics right on your own pics?

Lastly (not so much a tip, just a fact) for safety reasons, photos where the primary subject was under 18 at the time of being photographed will be deleted!

With these tips in mind, go forth on your magical journey with CLiKD and discover the person behind the photo!

So, what's this test all about then?

Core to CLiKD is a test, designed by you and taken by others. You decide what matters to you. You then choose your own set of three questions to reflect that. You set the answers you’d like someone to pick, so that when someone passes your test, they’re more likely to be someone you’re going to get on with. Additionally, if you pass theirs too, there’s a great chance you’ll be able to say you both just… CLiKD (see what we did there?) when you do meet up.

How do I "pass" someone's test?

You need to get at least 2 out of 3 questions right to pass someone’s test. They also need to pass your test before you both clik and chat. That way, when you’ve CLiKD with someone, you can be confident you share some common ground.

Are there any more questions to chose from and how can I add some, if I want to?

We’re adding questions all the time and we’ll let you know when we make any major changes, so you can check them out. If you want to add some of your own questions, that’s great because we built this app for you and we can’t wait to see what you come up with. For now, you have to submit questions to us through the ‘Upload Questions‘ page on our website. We’ll then add them ourselves, and let you know when we’ve done it, so you can add them to your test. Other users on the app will be able to use your questions too and if it becomes really popular, we’ll send a little treat your way.

What's a Nudge?

When you’ve passed someone’s test, we let you nudge them which tells them that you’ve passed their test. Then, they can check out your profile and, if they like the look of you, take your test too. If you get a nudge from someone else, then you know that they’ve passed your test and are waiting for you to take theirs.

What about User Safety?

For now, CLiKD verifies its users through Facebook by making sure users are over 18, have had active accounts for at least a year and have more than 50 friends. We will be expanding on this in the coming months, as we’re aware that user security is a concern. As well as security management, we believe the personality based questions help avoid fraudsters. After all, you might be able to fake a profile, but it’s pretty hard to fake genuine qualities and passions.

How can I block or report someone?

You can block or report anyone through the three dots in the top right of their profile pictures. Click on the dots and take whatever action you feel is necessary… and we’ll take whatever action we deem appropriate against that user.

Will I need to have a Facebook account?

Yes. We want to get rid of as many liars and fakers as possible. To help us do that, we require all our users to log in through a Facebook account that has been active for over a year and has over 50 friends. This helps us to identify fake accounts and imposters. But don’t worry, we will never post anything to your Facebook account. We will never inform anyone you have joined and we will never publicly link your Facebook to your CLiKD profile. In fact, we don’t even share your full name. Your privacy is our number one concern and we’d never do anything to break that trust.

Didn’t find the answer you’re after?

Feel free to contact us on: contact@clikdapp.com

What are CLiKD Premium and Platinum? - COMING SOON!!

Whilst CLiKD offers a lot of great functionality and features for free there are loads of additional benefits from upgrading to one of our paid packages.

FEATURES COMING SOON– Both services unlock the daily and lifetime limits on nudges (Standard users send up to 5 nudges a day and 100 over a lifetime) and add new features like the second chance saloon – Where you can offer someone who has failed your test a bonus question for a second chance to match. COMING SOON

Lifetime Platinum members get a guaranteed invite to at least one CLiKD Event per and priority selection to all CLiKD Events. Premium subscribers get priority selection to all CLiKD events. 20% of Tickets are reserved for Platinum Members, 50% of Premium Members and the remaining are offered to standard users in a lottery format.

CLiKD is live in the UK. Want it in another country? Register below and we'll get the app your way, as soon as we can. While you're at it, why not tell your mates about us too because the more people who register, the sooner we'll land in your local stores.

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