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Guide To Avoiding Conflict With Your Boyfriend On New Years Eve

Yes, it seems unbelievable but at CLiKD we have the Guide To Avoiding Conflict With Your Boyfriend On New Years Eve!

Christmas is synonymous with peace and union, where you spend time with family, friends and even with your partner. However, believe it or not, it is the time when most conflicts occur in a relationship, from the decision over where to go to dinner, to the demands of the little ones for more expensive gifts.

These disagreements, as simple as they may seem, are the ones that can increase tension in a relationship and can be the trigger of the surge in divorces that happens at the beginning of the year, according to recent research.

According to experts, divorce rates tend to spike at crucial points in the family calendar such as Christmas and New Year’s Day. In addition, Christmas and New Year’s are the most difficult times for couples, as this is when tipping points occur for any reason, no matter how irrational it may seem. But there are also some ways to ensure that these conflicts do not negatively influence your relationship.


What to do if you fight with your boyfriend on New Years Eve?


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Work out a budget

One of the main conflicts that arise between couples has to do with Christmas day, due to the pressure they feel to buy the latest toys for their children or their nieces and nephews, as well as to prepare a delicious Christmas dinner. If you want to avoid lawsuits, set a spending limit on both food and presents, so you can have the dinner you want without overspending.



Keep your cool

Try to stay calm in any circumstance. If you feel you can’t take it anymore, it is advisable to go for a walk and take deep breaths. It is important to keep a positive attitude, because remember that at this time of the year everyone is tense.



It is important to keep a positive attitude, because at this time of the year everyone is tense




Make an effort for your in-laws

It is likely that you do not get along well with your in-laws or that you normally try to spend little time with them. However, if you are going to be spending Christmas with them, make sure you are present at all times. If you are not, this could generate tension for both you and the family and end up in arguments that are not easy to overcome.




Give your partner confidence

It is likely that just like you, your boyfriend is also under pressure, but it is important to give him the confidence that you will be there for him. That will make you get along better as a team. Don’t hesitate to reach out when needed, or maybe give him a good massage.


Although New Yeras Eve is a time of peace, conflicts are more than present. This guide is to help you know what to do if you get into a fight with your boyfriend and how to avoid conflict with him. 


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