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Yay! You’re dating! Are you feeling that it’s going really well? He looks invested in you and seems like such an amazing guy, with killer looks and all these awesome qualities. Yeah, we know you’re oh-so smitten… ? But, you’re starting to wonder if he’s really ‘that’ into you. Is he oh-so serious?!… Thing is, how can you tell for sure…? Well, read on to see if you can relate to these 11 signs he’s oh-so serious about you!


  • He respects and values you

He devotes his time and effort into understanding you, your life and the way you are. His love for your independence is apparent. He ensures that you don’t feel stifled or smothered by him. Of course, he respects your life choices and values them (even though sometimes he might not understand them all so well himself). He doesn’t expect you to change.



Most of all, he makes sure you do know that

he values and respects you.

That’s right, he’s serious about you.



  • He makes time for you because he’s oh-so serious

No matter his workload or schedule, you never feel left out. He makes sure you know you’re on his mind and makes time for you. How? By sending you cute lil’ texts, reminding you how special you are to him. He makes you his priority and you know you are.

When they're here for you because they're oh-so serious


  • He always seems to be in a good mood

You start to feel like he’s basically a really happy person. Every time you talk or see each other, he’s always all smiles. Well, guess what? He’s just really happy to see you or hear your voice. He’s just trying to tell you how your presence in his life makes him so happy.


  • He responds immediately

He never takes a lot of time to respond to your texts or calls. This guy doesn’t play the waiting game. He’s always prompt. This sure means he’s not just messing around. He’s the real deal and he wants you to know he’s serious about you. You can find people who really put thought into what they say and want on CLiKD.


  • His future plans include you

When he talks about the future, he always says ‘us’ instead of ‘me’. He makes plans with you and always speaks of places he’d like to show you. Talk of things he wants to do with you begins. He tells you about his favourite holiday destinations and how you’d like them too. Sound familiar? Yeah babe, he’s Oh-So into you! He wants you to know he’s totally, totally serious about you.

Planning your future because he's oh-so serious about you


  • He makes you smile… a lot

You’re always, always, always smiling. Yes, even when he’s not around. He’s on your mind all the time. You catch yourself giggling reading his texts. Yeah, but that could mean anything now, right? Oh, but he does make you feel so special, like… all the time! Yes, when he tells you how beautiful you are, how perfect you are, how you make him feel… and the thought itself makes you smile randomly.



Yes, my friend,

he’s doing it all to make you smile!



  • He compliments you

He just can’t stop with the praises. There are the genuine compliments he gives based on everything he likes about you, to the point of making you blush every single time. He finds everything you say cute as hell and he always tells you how amazing you are. He’s always so proud of you and makes sure you know it.He's oh-so serious about you, so he compliments you


  • He’s honest from the outset when he’s serious about you

He wants you to know who he is and what made him. He’s an open book and tells you about his good, his bad and his worst secrets, trusting you’ll understand them. He’s taking this risk because he thinks of you as long term and wants to have a life with you. He opens up to you like he’s never done for anyone else.


  • He always wants to know more about you

He asks you about you. His need to know all is unquenchable, right from your childhood memories, to your favourite colour, to your sexual fantasies. He never gets tired of listening to you go on and on about your experiences and encourages you, saying, “Tell me more…”


  • He teases you

He’s not afraid to tease you. When he actually takes pleasure in being cheeky at times and loves it when you are too. He may make jokes at your expense, but always ensures you are comfortable with them. Your relationship thrives by teasing each other. Plus, you absolutely love it when he teases you, although you may pretend to be mad!

When he teases you so you know he's oh-so serious about you


  • He makes you feel comfortable and secure

Be it his brawny arms, his soothing voice, his smile or the sweet nothings he whispers in your ear that give you goose-bumps… you’re always so comfortable with him. He always genuinely tries to do what’s best for you and makes your comfort his utmost priority. Never once do you feel something’s amiss when he’s with you. Never does he keep you wondering. He confirms you know where he wants to take the relationship and that you feel secure.

So, now you know the signs to look for to tell if he’s oh-so serious about you. Having said that, always go with your instincts and be aware. Your instincts will tell you what’s right and what’s not.

Trust me, girl, you’ll know he’s the one when you meet him. He’ll treat you like his Queen, the way you truly deserve. You’ll just be really happy.

Happy Dating! Cheers!

Kalyani Bhagat


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