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Hey Saturday’s Guide To Creating Stand-Out Dating Profile Photos

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    If you’re checking out CLiKD, chances are you’re already interested in delving a bit deeper than just looks alone to try and find a partner. CLiKD encourages you to discover the person behind the photo (ah dating profile photos, the make or break moment) by focusing more attention on individuality and personality.

    At Hey Saturday, the world’s first and coolest dating photography agency, we know that creating awesome dating photos is about way more than just looking pretty. So what exactly IS the magic formula? How do you make your dating photos stand out from the crowd without trying too hard? Well, try these ideas:

    1. Show Your Personality

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    Credit: Hey Saturday

    Your potential dates need to be able to envision what it would be like fitting into your life. When looking at your profile, especially your dating photos, they’ll be asking themselves lots of questions, often subconsciously, such as “is this person’s lifestyle like mine?” and “would they get on with my friends?” Now, obviously, you can’t answer all of these questions with a photo, but you can certainly give plenty of clues.

    The key is to use your dating photos to attract dates who are into the same stuff as you. So think about the backdrop to your images; Where you are? What are you wearing? What are you doing? For example, if you’re wild about the outdoors, have photos in a park or on one of your favourite walking routes. If you’re a total film nut, can you have your favourite independent cinema as the backdrop or how about a funky billboard film poster? Be creative – a good photographer will be able to work with you to bring your ideas to life.

    1. Show Your Style

    dating profile photo woman with bag

    Credit: Hey Saturday

    A recent study showed that what you wear in your dating photos is very important – basically people who make an effort get more dates. Now this isn’t because people are shallow, it’s because they want to be able to see your style, to see if it matches with theirs. If all they can see is your face and a white t-shirt, they’re not getting a lot of info to go on. Whereas if you use your outfits to show who you are, your profile will attract like-minded people.

    So if you’re never out of your favourite trainers, have them in the image. If chunky jewellery rocks your world and is a big part of your vibe, make sure it’s on display. If you love music and band T-shirts, wear one (this is also great for showing off your cool taste in music.) We also say you should have one dating photo that shows what you’d wear on a first date – it’s that outfit that always makes you feel confident, cool and sexy. Trust us, if that’s how you feel, that’s what’ll come across in your dating profile photos.

    1. Use Colour

    dating profile picture lots of colour

    Credit: Hey Saturday

    This is a really simple tip that’ll make a big difference to your dating photos. You’ll be surprised how many people on dating apps fill their pics with neutral colours – they wear shades like white, cream and black, then stand in front of pale white or cream backgrounds.

    Using bright, bold colours instantly makes you stand out from the crowd. Not only that but it makes your pictures vibrant and helps your personality and style stand out. If you’ve spent time planning the backdrop to your images and your outfits, you want people to see them, right? Well, a pop of colour will guarantee that. So whether it’s a bright red top, a funky green jacket, or a vibrant, colourful piece of street art behind you, make sure there are bright, primary colours somewhere in your dating photos.

    Hey Saturday is the dating photo revolution. We help single people nail that one chance to make a killer first impression online before even saying a word. Having been featured on the BBC, in Metro, Huffington Post and Time magazine, to name a few, we know a thing or two about creating kick ass dating photos. Hit us up for a dating photo shoot here.

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