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How To Accessorise Your First Date Outfit

  • How To Accessorise Your First Date Outfit

    Date? Secured. Reservation? Sorted. Now it’s time for the finishing touches. Jack Jahan, from new and pre-owned jewellery retailers Ramsdens Jewellery, offers his advice for accessorising a first date outfit, for men and women who are ready to take the plunge.

    A first date is a nerve-wracking thing. Although they can be romantic and wonderful, you have less than 30 seconds — sometimes as little as seven seconds — for someone to make up their mind about you, according to Forbes. So, it’s important to get the little things right.

    Trying to decide how to accessorise for a date

    Dressing well is a great way to get across your personality quickly, and a few well-chosen accessories can be the difference between a good outfit and a great one. Adding extra details, like an interesting necklace or a vintage ring, can even be a conversation starter and help to break the ice.

    Here, I’ll share my tips for what accessories to wear when it comes to meeting your date for the first time, to give you the confidence to click with that special someone.


    How to accessorise for a day date

    Day dates, such as lunch, a picnic, or the movies, are probably the easiest dates to dress for as they toe the line between smart and casual. As long as you look neat, comfortable and clean, you can even get away with jeans and a T-shirt, if that’s what you want to wear.

    To suit, your accessories should also be neat and tidy. For men, brown and tan leather go great with denim and are perfect for adding a bit of edge to a simple outfit. So, look for shoes, belts, and other accessories made from this material. Then, add a luxurious twist with a touch of gold or silver, such as a statement necklace or a watch from a coveted brand, like Rolex.

    Rolex to accessorise for a day date

    For women, a day date is the perfect excuse to wear something light and fun, like a floral dress or jeans and a loose top. To complement this airy look, choose delicate jewellery like a fine chain with a pendant, or some glittering gemstone drop earrings. These types of jewellery effortlessly combine subtlety and sparkle, so you can rest assured that you’ll look great.


    How to accessorise for an evening date

    When it comes to evening dates, such as dinner, drinks or a show, you can afford to go a little more glam with your outfit. Because evening dates are usually more intimately lit, bold accessories will stand out better and really show your date that you’ve made an effort.

    If your outfit is simple, like a little black dress, you can double up on your jewellery for more impact. Stack bangles, layer chunky necklaces, and experiment with hoop, drop, and cluster earrings to find a style with as much drama as you feel comfortable with.

    Accessorise with statement earrings for evening date

    For men, even a plain suit will really wow your date with the addition of some fancy details, like a tie pin and some cufflinks. They show an attention to detail that your date will really appreciate and give a good impression. When it comes to jewellery, focus on rings and bracelets rather than a necklace to add luxury to your look; too many accessories around the collar can look a bit too overpowering.


    How to accessorise for a mystery date

    Of course, if you and your date have decided to let them choose a surprise activity, and you’re not sure what to expect, it’s best to play it safe and look for accessories that are practical. A lot of Swiss watches, widely considered to be the best and most innovative, are designed to be waterproof and durable as well as stylish, so they are a great option if you want to cover all bases.

    Girls should keep it simple. Accessorise with bracelets and necklaces, but keep it to a minimum if you’re unsure of what it is that you’ll be doing on the day. Instead, a cute pair of delicate yet fancy studs is a safe choice and can add femininity to your look. As they come in all sorts of combinations of coloured stones and interesting shapes, studs are a great way to get across your personality as you get to know your date.

    With the tips in this guide, you can begin to put together a first date look that is practical, appropriate, and sure to impress whoever it is you’re meeting. Keep your chosen first date activity in mind when choosing your accessories and, most importantly, remember to be yourself.

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