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Asking a girl out

Meet/Eat/Love (MEL) #7

In this day and age of online dating, getting asked out (or asking a girl out) via a text message is quite the norm.

We’ve talked about how to set-up a killer profile (MEL #3) and first date ideas (MEL #5.) This post will focus on how to ask a girl out… from a female’s POV.

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Let’s first tackle the How to Ask a Girl Out DON’TS:

1) DON’T send a dick pic.

Yes, I’ve mentioned this one before in MEL #3 and I will repeat it again. For starters, it’s really as simple as this. Sending girls dick pics will NOT increase your chances of a date… let alone getting laid.


Take this as a

public service announcement

to stop while you’re ahead!



2) DON’T ask her if she’s up or at home.

Oh, the infamous Hey, you up? Hey, you at home?  These are booty calls, especially when these types of messages start coming in past midnight. If you really wanted to ask her out, do it when you’re not wasted and looking to just get laid.


3) DON’T be a creep.

Sure, we all do a bit of cyberstalking, but you don’t have to let her know. Trust me, this is one of the times when you can keep your cyberstalking skills to just you and your friends.

“Hey, LinkedIn tells me where you work and Facebook tells me when your b-day is and your check-in tells me that you went to my favourite bar last weekend.”

Yeah, a big N.O. to being a Mr. Creep-o.


Creepy guy with flowers


So, what’s a guy gotta do to ask a girl out? If you find yourself in dire need of some inspiration, have a look at some real life examples taken from my fav. personal encounters (sprinkled with some commentary, of course.) 🙂


Here are the How to Ask a Girl Out DO’S :

1) Be Direct.

This does work. Being direct vs. spending endless days chatting online. Why not just bite the bullet and meet each other for goodness sake?

Text to send to ask a girl out: “Would you be partial to a drink tonight?”


George Clooney with champagne


I’ve actually said yes to this,

especially when

time is of the essence.


2) Share a talent/hobby.

For example, you enjoy cooking and she loves eating (great combo, right?)

Text to send to ask a girl out: “I’m a good chef. Do you want to come round for dinner? I’ll cook for you.”

(Um, he had me at “I will cook for you.” When a guy actually puts effort and thought into the date, that’s hot.)

Suggesting coffee is a neutral, low commitment first date option. Even if you don’t drink coffee, you can always get tea, soda or hot chocolate.

Text to send to ask a girl out: “We’ve been chatting for a while, wanna meet in real life over coffee?”

CLiKD makes it so much more easier to find talents, hobbies and interests you share in common, with our dealbreaker tests!


3) Ask out a Foodie.

Yes, another food related date, because people have to eat at some point in the day!

Text to send to ask a girl out: “Wanna do a taste test of the best pizza slices in this city?”


Heart shaped pizza


(How cool is it to find a fellow foodie who would enjoy going on a pizza taste test as much as you?!)


4) For the athletic.

When you love keeping fit and want to find someone who enjoys it as much as you do.

Text to send to ask a girl out: “Let’s go for a run together.”

(No joke, a hot Cypriot firefighter once asked this and I was still recovering from a sprained ankle… terrible timing!)


5) For the introverts.

When having a conversation might be hard, why not use a board game to help relieve the jitters and have fun?

Text to send to ask a girl out: “Up for a game of Scrabble?”

(This is not the same as Netflix and chill, ok? Scrabble is a competitive game where you can’t just chill!)


6) For the explorers.

When you’re always up for checking out new things.

Text to send to ask a girl out: “I’d love to give you a walking tour of <insert your city/neighbourhood>, would you let me show you my fav. places?”


C’mon, having someone

show you his ‘hood’?

Love this!



7) For the culture buffs.

Museums. What’s not to love about checking out a new exhibition in one helluva atmosphere?

Text to send to ask a girl out: “There’s a cool new exhibit at <insert museum>, would you like to join me?”


8) If a Girl is a Music Nerd.

Who can say no to good music and, hopefully, good company?

Text to send to ask a girl out: “<Insert your mutual fav DJ or band> is playing this weekend and I have an extra ticket, wanna be my date?”


9) Multiple choice.

When you have multiple interests and, also, depending on how much time you have to invest. Coffee/drinks are short and sweet; some of the other ones require more time investment.

Text to send to ask a girl out: “Would you like to grab a drink or dinner?”

We ARE living in 2017, so on the flip side, don’t be shy to ask a guy out. Feel free to use one of the 10 inspirations above. 🙂


Girl Asking out on a Date


and remember, happy dating!

Ms. Mel

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