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How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day If You Are Single

  • How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day If You Are Single

    Valentine’s Day is upon us again and with it comes unspoken societal pressures that surround this holiday.

    If you are in a relationship… good for you! You are on the “right track” <insert sarcasm> but don’t forget to shower your loved one with heart-shaped gifts <insert sarcastic wink>.

    If you are single…. well, you’re still young, you’ll find someone soon… <gulp>.

    I’d say screw societyand its forced perceptions of being single on Valentine’s Day, making you a failure.

    I look at people miserable in their relationships because they are too scared to be alone.

    But, do you know there’s a difference between being lonely vs. being alone?

    Valentines Day if you are single, you must remember being alone and lonely are two different things

    Learning to be comfortable with your solitude can better prepare you to being self-sufficient and to grow as an individual.

    Singlehood should be celebrated, because this is the time to have fun, to discover, to make mistakes and to learn about ourselves, so that we can become our better selves.

    Would you have learned how to set boundaries in relationships if you had not dated Mr. Selfish?

    Singlehood is awesome and should be celebrated on Valentine’s Day.


    Here are some ideas to celebrate singlehood on Valentine’s Day!


    1. Book a trip

    So what if you’re single?! Solo trips are awesome because it gets you out of your comfort zone. Often times you’ll come back having learning more about yourself than the place you visited. You know that holiday in Thailand you’ve been dreaming of going on? Now is the perfect time to book it! Do it!

    Book a trip to celebrate Valentine’s day if you are single



    1. Spend it with friends

    There’s Friendsgiving, how about Friendstine’s? Friends rock! They’ve seen you at your best, they’ve seen you at your worst, they remind you of all the bad choices in relationships you’ve made, but they will always have your back. Why not celebrate and spend the day with your awesome friends on this day?


    1. Host a party!

     Nothing gets the celebratory juices going more than a good party. A dinner party or a drinks gathering, it’s always fun to create new memories with a good party.

    Host a party to celebrate Valentine's day if you are single


    1. Sign up for a class

     Teach yourself something new! Whether it’s learning a new language, getting back into shape, or developing a new skill, signing up for a new class is a great way to keep learning and investing in you.


    1. Treat yourself

    If you’ve been craving a bit of pampering, it’s the perfect time to TREAT YOURSELF. I know I know, indulgences aren’t the answer, but it does make one feel warm and fuzzy doesn’t it?

    Treat yourself to celebrate Valentine's day if you are single



    1. Volunteer

    It feels good to give back. If you have always wanted to volunteer, whether it be helping to clean up parks, build schools or play bingo at the senior center, volunteering is good for your soul.


    1. Get physical

    Nothing gives you a natural high like a great workout. Go for a run in the park, hike a new trail, or take that boot camp class you’ve been putting off.  There’s no time like the present to make it happen.

    Do a class to celebrate Valentine's day if you are single


    1. Make a vision board

    A vision board is a great way to reflect, focus and channel your desires, goals and dreams. What do you want to achieve in the next year? Maybe you can sync this up with #2 and #3 above and have a Friendstine’s-vision board-party!


    1. Eat your heart out

    Did you know that single people are also more likely to be fitter and healthier than those in relationships?  So, stop counting calories on this day and splurge on all your favorites foods! Celebrate your singlehood with a delicious meal.

    Have a delicious meal to celebrate Valentine's day if you are single


    1. Give thanks

    Flip your mindset around. Instead of complaining about what you’re not happy about (your love life, the weather, your commute in the morning) switch your energy around and think of what your grateful for instead (your health, your friends, the awesome project at work, the cute guy at work that is also working on the project… you get my drift).

    So, folks, being single is actually a great time in your life. It’s a time where you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Celebrate this time and keep learning, growing and discovering what makes you happy, what makes you you. If you happen to find yourself in a relationship in the future, you’ll be coming from a place of knowing yourself, a place of strength and empowerment instead of loneliness and despair.

    Happy Valentine’s Day and happy dating!

    Ms. Mel

    Meet/Eat/Love (MEL) #27 

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