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How To Nail A First Date: 5 Tested And Proven Secrets

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    That’s it! You’ve already clicked, chatted and set up your first date. You find each other attractive, you have something in common and you’ve decided to take the next step: a first date. Now is the time to get ready, mentally and physically, to make this first date a SUCCESS! Here are our 5 tactics to nail a first date…


    How to Nail a First Date


    1. Listen Carefully – It’s a Question of Sensitivity

    People forget how important it is to listen. They talk more than they should, they get distracted by social media and forget to look into each other’s eyes. Wouldn’t you love to have a partner who is a good listener? Besides, you could avoid doing all the talking! Do speak, obviously! Make conversation, make your date laugh and respond intelligently and wittily, but please avoid silly and hopeless talk.

    Leave space and time for something interesting and unexpected to emerge. This is your magical moment and it should come at the right time. When it does, embrace it. Hold their gaze and state what you have to say and nail it! Remember, you are trying to get closer on your first date, so create a safe atmosphere that invites true feelings to be explored.

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    1. Make the Connection– There is no Exception

    By the end of the first date, there should be a connection. The connection shouldn’t necessarily be sparkling from the first date, but it is always easier to build on from a strong foundation. Access your date’s feelings. Don’t hesitate to ask your date about the feelings that led up to important decisions or experiences in their life.

    Be subtle though. Strike a gentle, yet effective, approach by asking meaningful questions, avoiding any kind of judgment e.g. “How come you decided to leave your job for volunteering work?” Listen to the answers and make concrete, real relations with your experiences and share them back. Keep an emotional core to strengthen the connection, but don’t go overboard! You don’t want to sound oversensitive on a first date. You might throw your date off! Remember, you are trying to nail this first date and make it a success!


    1. Dress to Impress – but Stay True to Yourself

    Dress to impress, yes, but stay true to yourself nonetheless. First impressions are important and it’s no news that your wardrobe says a lot about you. What you wear can inform your date of your character, personality traits, mood and spending habits.

    So,what to wear on the first date? Many of us experience some form of first date wardrobe panic. Long story short: Choose a color or outfit that you’re often complimented on. Don’t wear anything that you can’t walk in, eat in, or breathe in. Wear something that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. And finally, stay true to yourself. Think about it, you need to keep up the style in the next dates! Go nail it!

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    1. Be Funny – but, not Goofy

    It’s important for a man or a woman to be funny on a first date, don’t you think? Everyone says so! Studies claim that 60% – 80% of people surveyed counted a sense of humor as the number-one personality trait they look for. You would seem more intelligent if you are funnier and wittier too.

    On top of that, your ability to make others laugh correlates to how good you are in bed. How about that! Bear in mind, this is not a comedy show. Avoid being goofy and misplaced jokes here and there. Tell jokes and make puns… you’ll be on your way for a good night of fun!

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    1. Let Your Body Speak – It Truly is a Powerful Technique

    This is one of the most forgotten tactics of how to nail a first date. It is crucial to create a connection with your date through conversation. Nevertheless, do not underestimate body language, as it is a major part of attraction. Studies show that an open and inviting (not intimidating!) self-confidence leads to more attraction.

    It is not an issue to keep your reserved attitude. If you’re a little shy, it is not the end of the world either. It could also come across as being cute and nice. Just make sure your attitude or body language does not get misinterpreted as a lack of interest or a weak personality.

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    You’re all set! Whether it’s your friend’s friend, an online match, or just someone you’ve been set up with, take note of those precious tactics on how to nail a first date… and start preparing for the second one!

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