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How Not To Lose Your Dignity When Talking To Your Crush

We can say goodbye to our pride, but we should not lose our dignity for anything or anyone. If we do, we would also lose ourselves, thus damaging our self-esteem and our integrity. And we never want that to happen: dignity always held high by the hand of our ego.

Sun, beach, post-lockdown parties, the search for that lost fun in 2020, travel and time off, are common elements of the 2021 summer holidays. At this time of year our hormones seem to be revved up and the weapons of seduction for flirting come to the fore with greater intensity. Each person has their own techniques and here we insist that what works for some may have the opposite effect on others. However, there are a number of lines that should not be crossed to avoid making a fool of yourself or losing your dignity, which we will detail below.  You also know that even if you lose your dignity, for whatever reason, you can always check out CLiKD Dating App and wipe the slate clean.


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Try to make yourself interesting

Try to talk long enough to make yourself interesting by avoiding answering instantly. This doesn’t mean that you have to reply to messages 24 hours later, but do give yourself some time to make it seem like you have more important things to do during the day than being glued to your mobile screen.  If you can’t keep your hand still, keep your cell phone away.



Avoid answering instantly



If you don’t get an answer, don’t insist

Remember that the main idea is to have a fluid conversation, not a f**** monologue. If the conversation doesn’t flow for whatever reason, let it be a sign that maybe that person is not interested. Don’t waste your precious time: you know what they say, time is money, honey.



Pay attention to rejection signals

Trying to convince someone that they like you is a mistake because when it comes to attraction you will never succeed in changing the other person’s feelings. Chasing someone like a lapdog is a bad attitude when it comes to flirting. In addition, it is an attitude that will end up tiring the other person to the point that they will nip the situation in the bud in a way that is unpleasant for both people.


Chasing someone like a lapdog is a bad attitude

when it comes to flirting



Don’t make up a life that doesn’t exist

Sooner or later there will be some comment, gesture or attitude that will end up giving you away. In addition, today you can corroborate the marital status, professional activity and habits of anyone with a simple check on social media. Lying to impress or hide the fact that you have a partner has never worked, especially since the arrival of Instagram in people’s lives. Even if you manage to deceive at first, social networks are a vehicle to be taken into account that can enhance revenge to unprecedented levels.



And here are four tips to avoid losing your dignity, because you know that dignity and your social reputation is always the most important thing you have to maintain, apart from your friendships. Results are always guaranteed!


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