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How Not To Turn Your First Date Into A Nightmare

Take a breath, try to relax, and pay attention. It does not matter if you’re a man or a woman. With these tips, any first date will be just like the ones in your dreams. And, most importantly, it won’t be the last (provided YOU want more, of course…). Social media has brought many changes to the ebbs and flows of our romantic and sexual lives. Many people say that we have become incapable of dealing with these kinds of situations in “real” life. Others, however, don´t stop praising social media for the benefits they have got from them and that, who knows, they might not have got otherwise.

Here at CLiKDwe offer you the following tips to strike gold from that first but vital date.



Opt for fleeting plans, in case you have to flee.

Rule number one: Never choose to have your first date at a restaurant. Could there be a more awkward situation than meeting someone for the first time and trying to have a conversation while feeding like a seal? Forget it! Instead, always choose a plan like a drink. Avoid going to lunch or dinner like the plague.



It is better to lengthen for pleasure than to shorten for dislike.



Don’t talk about your previous relationships

Have you been unlucky in love? Talk about it with your friends or family NOT on a first date. Avoid talking too much about your previous relationships at all costs, and especially avoid recounting any dramas with your previous partners. Let’s face it, nobody cares, and on this first date you have to give the impression that you are above all that. So your past loves are in the past and we must absolutely not give a shit!



Don’t stop savouring a present for a past that has no future.




Avoid prejudice and talking about the same topic.

Can there be a more boring conversation than only talking about work, or how much you are obsessed with the gym or any of your other hobbies? Do not be monotonous. It’s okay to talk about your hobbies, but never border on obsession. And do not criticize an issue as if it were a political debate. You want to show the best version of yourself, not the dungeon troll that lurks beneath.



Don’t plan too many questions, it is not an interview.

What do you do for a living? What have you studied? What plans do you have for the future?…. BOOOOOOOOOORING. We all hate interviews, let’s not make our first date become such an awkward situation. You have to ask about their interests to know if you are on the same page and share the same tastes. But the conversation has to flow, so never prepare an interview as if it were a Hollywood script.



And there you have it! Four essential tips on how not to turn a first date into your worst nightmare! And always remember that if you have not enjoyed the date, it is better to go home alone than spending extra time with company!


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