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How To Tell If You Really Like Someone

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    Meet/Eat/Love (MEL) #14

    We’ve posted blogs about getting first dates (MEL #3), escaping from bad dates (MEL #10) and how to tell if the guy is single (MEL #6) to name a few.

    BUT, in order to come full circle, let’s take a look at how to tell if YOU really like someone.

    Feelings. Ah, yes, feelings. We do have them… right? When it comes to dating, sometimes it’s hard to decode how you really feel about someone.

    Imagine the following internal dialogue:

    “Nah, I don’t really like him like him… helloooo, it’s been 5 mins, why hasn’t he texted me back already?! What is he doing?? Wait, why am I caring? Oh no, what are these FEELS that are happening? I’m not comfortable with these FEELS. Bye FEELS!”

    Bombarded by FEELS

    If you’re like me, often times it’s easier to ignore your feelings because you don’t want to make yourself vulnerable. Or maybe you decide to put your feelings on pause because you’re not exactly sure if you like the person vs. just liking the attention.

    So how can you tell when you really do like someone? Read on below to see if any, or all, applies to you!


    10 Signs That You Actually Like Someone:


    1. You’re excited to see them

    Your eyes light up and you get butterflies every time you see them. Even if it’s hailing golf balls outside, nothing will stop you from cancelling your dates with them.

    Running from a beach storm


    1. You answer their texts right away

    You answer their texts right away while you let everyone else’s messages stay unread for hours. Yes, this is a sign that you like them.


    1. You notice random things that remind you of them

    All of a sudden, you start paying attention to things you’ve never noticed before. “Oh wow, the name of my street is the SAME name as his childhood dog! Wait, this craft beer that he just told me about is ALSO on tap at my favourite bar! What do all of these coincidences mean?” It means you’re thinking about them, even when you don’t realize it.


    1. You constantly re-read your chat history

    You catch yourself opening up your chat history and re-reading convos past, especially certain lines over and over again. Why? Because you miss them when you guys are not together.


    1. You’ve gone incognito/deleted your dating apps

    Basically, you haven’t bothered opening any of your dating apps or have deleted them altogether. What does this mean? It means that you don’t care to see what else is out there because you are content with what you have.

    Hilary Clinton happy dance


    1. You want them to meet your friends

    What better way to share more of your life besides your favourite type of music/food/movie/hobby, than to meet your friends? Friends are extensions of your personal life and when you like someone, you want to bring him or her closer into your life.


    1. You hang out with them during peak hours

    Weekend times are peak hours and if you are giving up your Friday/Saturday nights or Saturday/Sunday afternoons to spend with them, then it’s pretty obvious you like them.

    I like you


    1. You enjoy the cuddles

    Your physical connection is amazing, but the emotional bond you build by just being next to them is even more meaningful. If you find yourself not wanting to bolt after a hook-up, it means you like them more than you think.


    1. You put a bit more care into your appearance

    You want to impress them and impressing them does not mean following last year’s athleisure trend. You make an effort to put on your favourite top/dress/lipstick for your dates with someone that you like.

    Beyonce being Beyonce aka fabulous


    1. You feel comfortable

    There’s a coziness factor, something about them that makes you feel at ease and comfortable. You can’t explain it, but there’s some kind of chemistry going on there.

    In summary, dating brings about all sorts of FEELS. It’s crazy to think that sometimes we can’t decode them by ourselves, to be able to say how we really feel about someone. Hopefully you give those FEELS a chance and spot those signs that you really do like someone.

    You give me all the FEELS

    Happy dating!

    Ms. Mel

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