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How To Ask a Guy Out!?

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    how to ask a guy out

    let's get started!


    How To Ask a Guy Out!?  Written by a Guy 😉

    If you are reading this, it means that you must like a certain guy a lot. I admire your courage, so let’s get this done – here are our top 7 tips on how to ask a guy out.

    So, how do you ask a guy out? I hope by now he knows you exist, otherwise you had better get in front of that man and make your presence known! Just be social for the moment, nothing more.

    If you have to befriend him, be spontaneous. Act and feel like it’s not a big deal. If you have a friend in common, ask her/him to introduce you and see what values and activities you share. The more information and things you have in common, the easier it will be to ask him out.

    If you do this, you may not even need these tips – he could possibly ask you out himself! However, in case he doesn’t, you have 7 tips on how to do it! Get your guy!

    I have split these 7 tips on how to ask a guy out into two sections, or what I believe to be more accurate terms: extroverted personality or introverted – direct or indirectly really. Depends on you and how you feel comfortable! I want you to have every tool at your disposal for this job!

    We’ll start with the direct approach because that is my favourite ?

    how to open directly


    1. Find an Activity to do Together

    Now, why did I say together and not an activity that he likes? If you have to fake enjoying an activity, it’s going to be a long day for both of you. He will feel like the whole thing is forced and it will give away the fact that you are trying to ask him out. I encourage you to be brave, honest and always straight up. Doing this, you will have fun, the chemistry will be natural and you will end up having a great time.


     2. Ask him out for a Drink

    I don’t know what the circumstances are between the two of you, but if you work in close proximity to each other (this is a risky move if you actually work together, meetings can be tough enough without your jilted ex heckling you from the back) simply ask him to come along and have a drink, or five, with you. If he’s had a long day, he will be more than pleased to go out with you. You know him from friends or family, you can always start by saying, there is a new bar or coffee bar that has the most amazing drinks and you don’t want to go alone… DONE!


    3. Organize a Party and ask him to come

    In case you have a baller house or even just a cute apartment where you can throw parties. Everybody likes to be invited to a party where there’s free booze and food. Get some friends to come along and, if everything goes well, by the end of the night you will already be in the right place.


    4. I have an “Extra Ticket” line

    Asking a guy out should be easy if you have an extra ticket for a film or a cool activity like the Harry Potter experience or the next Justin Bieber concert, I would be very happy to join you (you can find me in our CLiKD app ?)

    On a serious note, get two tickets to the next premiere movie and he will love you for that. When the movie finishes, you can ask him for a drink. Then, you will have even more time to spend together.

    Now, super important, remember the line – “I have an ‘extra ticket’” this implies that you were already going. This will come off as less forward and more casual.Dating Advice CTA


    5. Be Straight UP with him

    “Fortune Favours the Bold”.

    By telling him the qualities that you like about him, he will be flattered and might even ask you out. If not, you can do it yourself and feel happy in the knowledge that you asked the guy out.

    be brave


    The indirect way… on how to ask him out ?


    6. Have a friend ask him out

    This always works from school days to adulthood. It should be the guy’s duty to ask you out, but if he doesn’t “get it”, you can always have a friend tell him. After that, he will make the move for you and you can have your night out together. If you feel too much pressure or are too scared to ask him out, this will be your go-to strategy. Probably the most common and useful way is for your female friends to do the asking for you.


    7. Share your Cool Lifestyle on Social Media

    Going through your day to day activities and sharing them on social media is what most of the influencers do these days to show us they have a cool lifestyle. They hook you into their life. We love them, want to know more about them and will love sharing time with them – being in that lifestyle. Why don’t you do the same and help yourself in getting your guy? Share your gym time, the walk with your dog nights out in the coolest places in town, the book you are currently reading…

    Everything that is your life and shows more about you will make anybody want to be a part of it and this guy will beg to be!

    This is it for us here, but check out our blog for more dating tips.

    I hope these 7 tips help you when asking your special guy out and, if not, you always have our creative CLiKD app to find the personality that you are looking for and possibly get him to ask you out ?


    having a good time

    Best x

    P.S Fortune Favours the Bold! Now you know HOW…

    By JP
    Dating Advice CTA

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