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How To Attract A Sugar Daddy

So you want to know how to get a sugar daddy? If you’ve got this far you’ve probably already considered the pros and cons of being a sugar baby quite carefully. Whilst some people may find themselves almost unknowingly sliding into a reciprocal “sugar” relationship, others make an active choice, and for most it’s not a decision taken lightly. Whereas with most relationships people meet and connect over their similarities, a sugar daddy-baby relationship is founded on a distinct difference between the two parties – Money – and while it’s not quite a simple as Mo Money, Mo Problems, the disparity can lead to an imbalance of power.  That said the advice remains the same as with any relationship, whilst there will always be compromise you don’t have to do anything your not comfortable with, make the choices that are right for you, and if what’s right for you changes over time that’s fine.


Getting a Sugar Daddy to maintain you and spoil you with the best gifts is not an easy task. In fact, it is like a full-time job! Whether you want to be a Sugar Baby, a trophy wife, or simply a lady of leisure, you must follow these simple tips to attract a Sugar Daddy. And as you already know, if you aren´t successful at first, you can always rely on us and keep looking for that special someone who is right for you (with or without Sugar) on CLiKD Dating App.


Be yourself

Whether you are a sexy and wild party animal, finishing college, or on a career path to the top of the business world, you should always be yourself and not try to act like someone else. Do not play a role that does not correspond to you, because sooner or later they will see through you. You want your sugardaddy to love you for who you are the same as in any relationship.



 Always be true to yourself and your personality



Show confidence and take the initiative

Show self-confidence and take the initiative every time you open your mouth or text when trying to get a sugardaddy. That will demonstrate your level of maturity regardless of how old you are, eliminating any prejudices the person may have regarding your age. Make it clear that you don’t like wasting time. People tend to get tired of wasting their time with trickery (although not all) and whilst they may be cash rich sugardaddies are often time poor.


Be an independent person and make it clear

that you don’t like wasting time


Dress for success

We know, this looks like something taken from a Roxette’s song, however its crucial because the way you dress says a lot about you! And like it or not, it will be a factor that your target will take into account. Know the style of clothing that shows you off best and adapt a little to him. Sugardaddies are often very aware of their public image and are careful to maintain it. Even if the relationship begins in a low-key way, he will appreciate you making an effort. This is important for first impressions. So, if you’re going to meet your Sugar Daddy you can keep your look simple and classy, but always sexy.


Treat him like a king

Tell him how very attractive he is, be a little foxy, and show him your charms. A sugar daddy really wants a baby that knows how to treat him well and how to make him smile. A sugar relationship is about sharing and caring, if you are rich in love and compassion then shower him with those gifts and he will treasure you in return.



Treat him like a king, to be spoiled like a queen



So those are 4 tips on how to get your Sugar Daddy and ensure that you are the apple of his eye. If your dream has always been to be spoiled and to live beyond a lifestyle that you could never achieve solo, this is your time to put these tips into practice and live that life as a team! Good luck and may the sugary spirit be with you!


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