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Have you had a first date with someone, only for them to send you endless absurd messages afterwards? Have you ended up giving your phone number to someone who you didn´t really like, or is there someone who does not leave you alone on social media?

If you are reading this post, we want you to learn how to cut off that pain-in-the-ass person in your life, so keep reading because at CLiKD we always have the solution to your love problems.



Send the right signals

Are you the type of person who responds with a “hahaha” or a smiley to a message that does not interest you, because you do not want to seem rude or unfriendly? MISTAKE! Step number one, stop laughing at every comment they make if you do not actually find it funny, because that will make them believe that you are a nice person and that you like them. So, stop being so politically correct and polite, and stop wasting time trying not to be mean. If you are not interested in that person, do not give them an excuse to keep the conversation flowing. Time is money and you have to take advantage of it, so by being clear everyone wins: you don’t waste your valuable time and neither does the other person, who instead has an opportunity to focus on other people and not on you!


Delete their notifications or leave them on read

Remember that common sense is the least common of the senses, and there are many people who do not get hints. So, if someone is being annoying, you simply have two options. Either drastically ignore them and do not reply to any of their absurd messages, or you can leave them on read. This works for both WhatsApp messages and Instagram, of course! The more messages you ignore or leave on read, the more of a bitch they will think you are, so they will start to stop bombarding you as if it were a matter of life or death. They have to be a particularly annoying pain-in-the-ass (or naïve) for them to not realise that you obviously and absolutely are not interested.



Remember that not everyone has common sense

time, play hard to get and don’t answer right away



Get straight to the point and be blunt

The last and very important step is to learn to be blunt and to speak clearly! If honesty and being direct is not your strong point, at CLiKD we advise you to save as much time as possible by directly telling them what you think from the first moment. You don’t even have to make cheap excuses. Be blunt! Arm yourself with courage and reply to that mountain of messages. Some useful examples could be:

– Sorry, but I think we are not on the same page.
– Look, I don´t think there can be anything between you and me, we are totally different.
– I’m sorry honey, but you’re not my type. Good luck with your search!



If in life you are not blunt, you will reap constant shit

time, play hard to get and don’t answer right away



These are all our tips on how to get rid of that pain-in-the-ass. Follow them and we guarantee 100% results.



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