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How To Get Over Someone Dumping You (1)

Pause, you have been dumped! Mourn, in honor of those beautiful moments spent with that person and do not do anything with anyone else for a while … ERROR!! Absolutely not: please take a pen, tablet or rely on your own mental capacity and take note. Of course, it goes without saying that every cloud has a silver lining, so after reading some wonderful tips that we are going to give you, you can go directly to your trusted app store and download CLiKD Dating App, because you already know what they say, to get over someone you have to get under someone! Anyway, let’s get to the important bit:

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Think that they do not deserve you

The first step to getting over a breakup is to accept the situation, otherwise it will not be possible to move forward or regain your well-being. So start thinking that they don’t deserve you: acceptance is key to any change process and failure to accept something acts as a barrier between us and our happiness.


No stalking

Cut all kinds of contact: calls, messages, social networks, and of course, stop looking at their photos, their status, their WhatsApp, Instagram stories, Tiktok, EVERYTHING! You have to forget that this person exists and lives on the same planet as you. This will help you to avoid seeing how your ex-partner is carrying on with their life without you, what they are doing or not doing, who they are going out with etc. For better or for worse, for a while you just need to focus on yourself and reestablishing your life.


Remove their friends from your social networks

and cut all social ties with them, at least for a time



Make decisions that lead to changes

Change your profile picture, update your wardrobe, cut your hair, dye it…if you are a boy grow a thick and fluffy beard. You have to see yourself differently. Believe me this all works. Stop crying in your room with “All by myself” in the background while you gorge yourself on ice cream and junk food. This is not Bridget Jones’s diary honey, this is real life!


Go shopping and spoil yourself, you deserve it!



Skip the diet and get your friends back

If you are that typical person who has abandoned their friends a bit, don’t worry, that’s what they are for, to help you and support you through the good and the bad. So, to drown your sorrows and vent, the best thing you can do is a bit of group therapy with your friends: they will always be your best psychologist. And doing this while you skip that diet (temporarily, remember that summer is just around the corner …) that you have been following since January will bring you such momentary happiness that you will not even remember the negative things.



Important, engrave this on your forehead: they did not want you when they could have you, so they will not be able to have you when they want you. And so, here are our little tips like every Tuesday! Remember, don’t ruin your present for a past that has no future. Results always guaranteed.



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