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How To Have A Friend With Benefits And Not Die Trying

Relationships are as complicated as life itself. Things do not always go as planned and we can end up hooking up with someone toxic. For this reason, many have chosen to have “friends with benefits” so that they can have a kind of boyfriend without getting into something more serious.

Having a friend with benefits does not exactly have to involve feelings because they are just that: friends who sleep together, have fun, have a good time, but do not go beyond this. But, like everything in life, this can also bring some risks.

If you’ve been heartbroken before, don’t want to meet anyone and have found comfort in the arms of a friend. Follow these tips so that neither the friendship nor the right to rub against each other is lost.

How to have a friend with benefits? For this type of relationship to work, you must be clear about what you are looking for and what you want. Above all, agree that your feelings will not get involved. Otherwise one of you will get hurt and you will not only be left without your friend with benefits, but also without your friend.



You both need to be on the same page if you want to have a relationship like this as, over time, things can get confusing. So, it’s good to know how far you are willing to go in your relationship, as well as the things you can and cannot do during this time.


You should both be single

If the two of you want to have a friends with benefits relationship, neither of you should have a partner so as to avoid conflict. If it is the case that one of you is in a serious relationship with someone, it is better not to follow through with these plans. Remember that karma exists.


Remember that karma exists



Do not get romantically involved

Friends with benefits are just that, friends. There may be mutual affection, but nothing more. If you are willing and mature enough not to get romantically involved with each other, go ahead.But, if there is an attraction beyond the physical, it is better not to go through with the plan, since at some point, one of the parties will want to have a relationship or terminate the one you have.



If you are looking to not hurt each other and just have a good time with each other, it is best to be honest with how you feel. If things aren’t comfortable or aren’t going the way you thought they would, it’s best to say so and then you can change the rules to continue or go back to your friendship as if nothing happened.


It is best to be honest with how you feel



No jealousy

Remember that a friend with benefits is single. He owes you nothing, and you nothing to him, but if you start dating other people it is important that you communicate it. 


Before anything else, you should evaluate if you have the maturity and self-confidence to be able to maintain a friends with benefits relationship with someone, because even though it may seem fun, one of you may end up falling in love if you don’t follow our advice.


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