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How To Isodate? A Pro-Tips Guide

  • Captain’s log – March 18th 2020:

    2 days into social distancing… mood:

    when you're social distancing

    The real boredom has start to set in after less than 48 hours. You never thought you’d miss your classmates and colleagues so much right?

    You’ve nearly gone full Cast Away (get well soon Tom and Rita!)

    Before you hear about isodates

    BUT you’re in luck! As mentioned in our previous blog filling you in on what Isodating is, just cause you’re social distancing or self-isolating doesn’t mean you have to do it alone!

    There are so many ways for you to maintain your relationships, especially the romantic kind, through the wonders of 21st century technology! Don’t lock yourself in, get out there virtually and isodate!

    But how do you set one up?

    1. Firstly, find a date – This could be through any number of dating apps which are out there, though we do have our favourite….. CLiKD. Put in your profile that you are up for ISODATING  like our buddy Alex down below. So that people know you are game. Once you have a match you can start planning your isodate.

    1. Which software to use? Whilst you could go old school with a telephone call (ok boomer), we recommend embracing ISODATING by using one of the many video conferencing call apps out there.  Zoom is our favourite (some awesome backgrounds!), but Facetime or WhatsApp are probably the best known and chances are both you and your date already have them. Most of these will work, though make sure if you want to…..?

    But I know what you’re asking yourself, how can I make my isodate as successful as possible?

    Here are our pro tips for your Isodate!:

    1. Choose the best spot in your house/garden

    location is key for an isodate

    When isodating on a video call, you want to make sure that you’re in a spot where you can be your best self. Pitch up somewhere you can sit or lounge comfortably and give off those good vibes. This obviously has to be somewhere that has decent internet access. But my goodness, if you are your best self rolling around in your garden, then you get that vitamin D and you can smell the green grass!


    2. Have a background/backdrop

    the background is important in an isodate

    Got a top location? Nice and comfortable? Four full bars of signal? Great jump on your ca- oh wait you’re sitting in front of a blank white wall… That a big no in isodating.  We’re all already a bit sick of staring at the 4 walls of our bedrooms, so realistically you want something a bit out of the ordinary to spice up your date!

    If you are into art and have a wall of prints or paintings, sit in front of it! It will be provide a really nice talking point – especially if you’re hella talented and they’re your own pieces! Likewise, if you have your favourite band posters or ticket stubs from gigs on the wall, it will 100% break up the status quo.

    3. What to wear?

    you need the right outfit for an isodate

    Think of your isodate like one of those video interviews we’ve all had for jobs or uni, just more fun. This time, you aren’t trying to impress your lecturer or Jesse the Account Manager with your knowledge of Excel, you are flirting with Alex.

    As with an IRL (in real life) date, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and shows off your personality.

    Flannel pjs will come across as lazy, and lingerie might be a bit too bold, so judge the right amount of effort. Don’t overdress (you will start sweating in a blazer!) or underdress…Tempting as it can be to only prepare from the waste up, (out of sight out of mind right,) but what if the doorbell rings with that bulk delivery of toilet paper you ordered? Or what if you just finish telling your date about your fresh pair of trainers and they ask to see them? How are you going to explain your awkward same height sideways shuffle in and out of frame?

    4. Choose some props

    props are important for an isodate

    A typical date in a pub or bar has a lot going on to mix your chat up, but when isodating that has to come from you so don’t be afraid to line up some props.

    This is where your creativity comes into it. Let’s be honest, this whole pandemic thing has made everyone act a bit more…erratic than normal, use that to your advantage! Show your date the 45058333 rolls of toilet roll your mum/flatmate bought off eBay.

    Alternatively, and an INCREDIBLY easy win, invite (force) your pet into your video date ? ? . We all need something adorable in our lives atm, even if it is through virtual means!

    go rock that isodate!

    Now, we have given you some awesome tips here to go off and enjoy some isodates. But the most important thing is to be your authentic self! Be confident, be bright and smile, in these dark times we all need to share the love!

    If you want to find out more about ISODATING check out our blog!

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