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How to make your boyfriend jealous?

Do you want to test your boyfriend? These tips can help you get your boyfriend’s attention and make him jealous.

We women know that there are things that drive a man crazy with jealousy and although most of the time we do not resort to these weapons to test his love for us, there are times when we want to get our guy’s attention in order to have some excitement in the relationship.

However, it should also be kept in mind that it is not good to seek these reactions in the person we love, as they can trigger toxic behaviours, and very dangerous feelings of possession can be unveiled. So, if you are going to use these tools, be very careful.

If you know that your boyfriend is a pretty laid back person and you want to add some excitement to your romance anyway, these tips will help you make him a little jealous.


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Move away to talk on the phone

A suspicious sign that someone is calling to flirt with you is that you answer a call in another room so your guy doesn’t hear your conversation. You can use this tactic even if it is your mother calling you. You will see how his attitude changes and you will notice his jealousy, but be careful with his reaction, because this means that he may yell at you.


Talk to him about your ex

Believe it or not, men are much more sensitive about this topic than women. Mention your ex under any circumstance and you will awaken a monster that was hiding. But, remember that this can also be used against you.


Men are much more sensitive about this topic than



Tell him about other guys

Mention one of your friends that he doesn’t know, and tell him that he has recommended a restaurant or bar to go out to that night. Automatically your guy will ask you about that person and you’ll say he’s your new co-worker or your new classmate. His mind will start running.



Don’t include him in your plans

It’s natural that you always want to go out with your guy but, at some point, make plans with your girlfriends or friends for a Saturday night. With this attitude of yours, jealousy will not let him be at ease because he will be thinking about why you did not include him in your plans. Remember that this should be temporary, since you both have the freedom to do your own thing, but let him know that he will always be included in your life.



Jealousy will not let him be at ease because he will be thinking about why you did not include him in your plans




Compliment other guys

Your guy always talks to you about his friends, his buddies. If you want to make your boyfriend jealous, you can praise his friends with “that guy is so smart”, or “he’s so nice.” This will make your man feel jealous and he will want to have you with him because he will notice that there is competition for him.



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