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3 tips on how to make your crush melt for you

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A bit of extra passion and melting hearts never hurts if you want that relationship with your crush to succeed. That’s why we want that boy or girl to melt for you. It is not enough for them to like you, they have to be crazy for you – and we do not mean only in bed. We want them to know deep down that you are the best thing that has happened to them and that ever will happen to them. So, we have found some ways to make your crush go crazy over you. Don’t waste a second putting these tips into practice. However, if things don’t work out, you can always use CLiKD Dating App to improve the chances of finding your next crush, as we all know there are plenty more fish in the sea!




Check if he is watching your stories

Add them to your best friends list on Instagram, yes, even if you have only known them for two days. That will make them feel special, even if in reality you´ve only done it to see if they are viewing all your stories and so that they see how much fun you are having with or without them. This is pure psychology: the more information they have about you on the daily, the more they will think about you, and of course the more they will start to melt for you.

Send audios to make them melt

Send them audios making them believe that you want to seduce them, although in reality what you really want is to hear their voice. The more interested they sound, the more they like you: this is as clear as water. If he answers you with an annoying voice, that signals a likely bad conquest, and you can quickly abort mission. But if, on the contrary, they send you an audio with the voice of the sexiest radio host in the world, that could surely be interesting.



The voice’s tone of truthfulness is directly proportional

to their intention to win you over



Send them natural photos

Send photos of you making natural faces and gestures, since these imply that you do not care how you look and what they think of you, even if you have actually taken 50 photos beforehand. That melts anyone’s icy little heart. It demonstrates that you are sure of yourself and that what others think of you matters little. It is an infallible method, since the more you love yourself, the more others will love you.



Even if you have taken a whole photobook beforehand,

send them a natural selfie to show that you do not take yourself too seriously.




And so here are 3 tips on how to make your crush melt for you. They are easy and take little time, but are very effective. Results always guaranteed with CLiKD !



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