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Is Humour More Important Than Money?

  • Humour more important money

    Humour? Is it more important than having money? You can’t really joke your way out of paying off a mortgage, unless you are a comedian. When, quite literally, your humour is more important than your money because your humour gets you your money.

    Here at CLiKD, most of us would say humour is more important. We board the banter bus (yes, the banter bus) every day in our office to help our way through making CLiKD a successful dating app.

    Here is why one day your relationship with your humourless sugar daddy/mummy might run dry…


    Money is material

    We can all agree that it’s pretty good to be able to pay your bills without worry. Imagine having a house in Zone 2 or ONE of London without a mortgage… Just a mortgage in those areas would be good too. Money and the materials it buys, can be lost in an instant.

    What happens when you are only left with each other, and you have nothing else to claim? Will it suddenly show that, actually, you are not that compatible after all?

    laughter is the best medicine

    Laughter is the best medicine. Why would you want to be left destitute with someone who cannot give you that medicine. At this point, was the money worth it? Because it sure isn’t worth anything when it isn’t there.


    Company loves Humour

    We have all met people who we only want to spend time with because they make us laugh until we cry. Those relationships where we can hardly get a full articulate conversation out because we are choking on our laughs before we can. Thinking of these types of relationships makes me feel warm as I write about them. It’s also even more amazing that we are the only species that form relationships through this type of communication. Dogs are cute, but you don’t see them laughing until their sides hurt. Why waste our unique cuteness?

    dog hug

    Only wanting to spend time with someone because of one attribute seems negative. However, wanting to be around them because of their ability to make you laugh is special. This one point speaks for several parts of your relationship. You have a connection, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to laugh with each other in this way. Laughing is like crying. We are at our most vulnerable as well when we laugh uncontrollably. Someone has the power to open an emotion we cannot control anymore. This means you would both be able to handle being next to each other in your other, most vulnerable point, the not so happy one.

    If you choose to be in someone’s company simply because of their money; have you made a genuine human connection through the amount of money they have? Sure, maybe you are grateful for them because they have taken you to an amazing restaurant. However, that restaurant date will be really awkward when you are feeling super low and they have no clue what to say to you, because you’ve never really learned what stirs each other’s emotions, other than favourite cuisine and wine.


    Humour can buy happiness

    People always say ‘Money can’t buy happiness’, but then follow it with ‘But it sure as hell does help’. I am not arguing against the fact that money does make life easier, which then means less chance of being miserable. However, if you aren’t surrounded by humans who make you happy by just being who they are, then eventually the fancy wine and five-star hotels aren’t going to drown out that you are not really fulfilled.

    I have heard loads of people agreeing that they can be “laughed into bed”. Someone who you may have not found attractive on first glance, can end up being someone you are so attracted to simply because they have made you laugh consistently. Law of attraction is when someone appears confident, people around are more inclined to want to be around them. Asserting humour often comes across as being confident in your surroundings and a confident awareness of the world. Loads of money often gives people more confidence (or arguably arrogance) so the law of attraction for them could work in this way.

    money = arrogance

    I have never heard anyone say without being a gold digger, that they slept with someone because finding out they were super rich genuinely made them more attractive. With money, it will be easier to cry in your Ferrari. If you have money and humour you could be laughing in that Ferrari instead.

    Without money, you could be laughing when the bailiffs try to get in again because they’ll never take away your sense of humour!


    Humour ages well

    Remember, when you are old and mostly bound to a chair, do you want Bob, who is in the chair next to you, to be really irritating and boring? You can’t rush off for a cocktail or go water skiing. You will need to laugh through your last few days. What feeling is a better reminder of what life is really all about than laughing until it hurts your mouth and sides; laughter.

    i like you making me laugh

    Don’t date or marry for money, do it for one of the greatest feelings in the world; laughing. If you really want money, work hard for your own. Also, work hard to make those around you happy with your wit. Make yourself the perfect catch and the perfect catch for you will come.

    By Christophe Locatelli 

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