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Is My Online Date Lying To Me? 5 Online Dating Lies Revealed

  • Is My Online Date Lying to Me? 5 Online Dating Lies Revealed

    Online dating is tough work, and usually filtering through the crowd is even harder work. Especially when there is a high chance some of the ‘good ones’ that you are filtering out, are actually just LYING! How can we know when that potential bae is  too good to be true? How do I know that my online date isn’t lying to me? Well, here are five things that online dates say and do that indicate they’re lying!


    1. They are look too perfect in their pictures

    Alright, first big online dating lie that can be seen straight away is that their pictures are just way too perfect. Even though a lot can be said about how cameras take great pictures than before, it also comes with a huge disadvantage. People’s ‘imperfections’ are more apparent in pictures! That’s why it’s so common to use filters, to hide them away. There’s a fine line between making your drowsy, sleepless, soulless looking eyes look less terrible and outright making yourself look 5 years younger! So, if there are selfies, beware, there may be some filters hiding something more. You may indeed have a lying online date or “Catfish” as is most commonly known.


    1. They are lying about where they live

    Now you may think, “well it’s normal to not want to talk about your address to strangers, no matter how cute they look.” Yes, that is true, but hear me out. We aren’t talking about your address. We’re talking about the general location of where you live! Be it Peckham, Notting Hill, Vauxhaul, etc. If they keep being very secretive about such a small thing like that, it’s possible you may be talking with someone that:

    • Does not live in London (if you live in London as well)
    • Has no intention of telling you anything about themselves and are, in reality, only killing time with you for attention

    When your online date is lying

    Don’t fall prey to scammers or narcissists. There are a lot of people in the online dating world with the sole purpose of wasting everyone’s time unfortunately.  Avoid these liars and/or time wasters. This is online dating, not Instagram!

    1. They are lying in their picture by using the same pose

    If they keep posing in the exact same way in every picture, something is off. It’s possible that they don’t want you to see what’s hidden by their chosen angle. But are they lying? It’s true that many people may, sometimes, feel uncomfortable with certain aspects of their appearance and that’s a shame. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are lying to you intentionally. However, this is important because you don’t want to have a false illusion of someone, then meet up with them and see they are someone completely different to what you imagined!

    Best way to avoid an awkward situation like this? Why not try a video call to test the waters and see how the other person is behind the camera. At first, it will be weird and awkward, but after a few minutes, if all goes right, you will feel ok.If they keep avoiding any sort of video call, beware. Something may be off and it’s possible they might not be showing their true selves in those pictures. This online date could just be lying straight to your face. Or screen that is…


    1. They’re saying they’re only talking to you in the online dating world

    Like come on, we met on an online dating app, its ok to be talking to other people. Where’re only in the “talking/texting” phase. It is very common that people will be acquiring many matches. Meaning they’ll be talking to many people at the same time. That’s ok, it is the purpose of online dating apps after all. However, if one person starts telling you that they are always just talking to you and that they only see themselves with you this early on? Red Flag! They’re probably lying, especially if you haven’t met yet.

    If they say it's only you early on, your online date could be lying

    For some people, it’s very awkward to admit to another online date match that their talking to other people. Maybe it’s the fear that you may hurt the other person’s feeling, and that is understandable. The best way to avoid this awkward situation is to make a joke about it. If the person you are talking to forgets a simple fact about you that you had previously mentioned before, just joke about it. Something along the lines of “I think you have me confused with another match of yours 😉”. This simple joke will alleviate the tension and make it obvious that its ok to be talking with other matches. No need to be lying to your online date about it.


    1. They are Lying About Their Profession

    This is a tricky one since you’re obviously imposing a certain criticism of this person based on their online dating profile. While it’s always best not to be too critical, sometimes things are just too obvious to ignore. If someone says they are the CEO of some amazing company and their pictures don’t add up with that certain profession, its very probable that they may be lying.

    If you do find someone like this, just plainly ask them if they are lying or not. If their profession seems too good to be true, bring it up in a playful manner to avoid causing offence. No need to be all “You’re lying to me, I know it!” That won’t end well. However, there may sometimes be a sneaky profile that likes to make a joke about it and say their profession is “Ex-President of France”. In that case, they are just being silly, and may have the banter to be your future online date.

    There's a difference between your online date lying or telling a joke

    Our best advice; don’t be too critical of other people’s profile. You might end up misjudging them. Don’t go into online dating thinking they’re all lying. If you see something suspicious, talk to them and try to have a video call with them to break the ice faster. If all goes well, you will not come across a lying online date. Best of luck!

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