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Just A Click To Find Love Again

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    There’s never been a better time for a second chance at love. With 1 in 5 relationships now starting online, the digital age is responsible for plenty of dating successes. Custom made dating apps are perfect for this task, enabling you to enjoy the clever experience of finding your well-matched date with ease. If you’re a divorcee or have experienced a long-term relationship breakup, you will probably already have a good idea of your own priorities for a suitable partner and what really is a deal breaker. By feeding all this information into your app, you can find someone who is your perfect fit.



    Clicked on the first date

    Finding someone online that you seem to click with or have that certain connection is the first challenge. Although, by entering your selection criteria, the website will automatically suggest potential dates which is a real time saver. For those who have divorced later in life, it is a great advantage to be able to search for a partner in a similar position, when in your daily life you only seem to meet people who are already part of a couple. You can select the most important character trait in your potential match too. You might choose ‘spontaneity’ over ‘dependable’. This type of criteria is used together with other, more basic, selecting information like height, body-type, location etc. Another helpful feature is being able to ask questions to other users, so from the data collected in the form of responses you may choose to connect up with some of those users. Their responses should give you an insight into their character.


    Ticking off checklist


    Safety clicked

    When you decide to meet someone for the first time, remember to follow a few sensible safety guidelines e.g. don’t give out personal information, meet in a public place etc. The best advice is to always let someone know the details of your date e.g. venue, time, any information on who you’re meeting. Always arrange a time to phone or text this friend following the date, so that they know you are safe. Ensure your date location has a good phone signal and is not ‘off grid’.



    Budget for dating

    With the weekly budget to keep track of entirely alone since your divorce, you will want to choose a dating app that offers all the best selection features but is also excellent value for money. Consider the costs on your first date and choose the venue in a budget appropriate way so that you are able to offer your half of the bill. Going Dutch is considered the best choice by most as it shows you’re capable of paying for yourself. No one will feel owed anything and most men don’t like to feel used (financially). Often, first dates do not really feel like a date. An internet first date is more like a first meeting, therefore there is definitely more need for a ‘go Dutch’ approach. Choosing to meet just for a drink can keep the cost down, as well as providing a more comfortable setting with realistic expectations.



    Travel for love

    Be sensible about the logistics of dating when considering potential dates. This is especially applicable if you are raising children, as you will be more tied to a particular area and does anyone really want to spend their spare time driving for hours?! Often, it is better to select dates with a similar background e.g. you’re both raising children or you’re both childless, career people (although sometimes this rule doesn’t apply.) At the end of the day, it’s about finding that special spark and only you will know when you’ve both ‘clicked’!


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    App happy dating

    With nearly everything in life being carried out online, it really isn’t any surprise that online dating is so successful. With more recent advances in the latest mobile phones and the use of intelligent apps for most things, this is a technology that is perfect for dating sites. The app just fits in with your daily life, whilst offering potential dates that are really well matched. You may not find your future long-term relationship this way, but at the very least you are likely to meet some interesting people and have some lovely nights out.



    Enjoy the dating world again!


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