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Love in London – The Awards Ceremony

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    Ok guys, I’m sure you feel like you’ve heard all you need to about our Love in Londonphotography competition (sorry, we’re just so proud of it!) However, for those of you who don’t know (welcome back from that rock you were hiding under, by the way) CLiKD teamed up with PhotoVoice. They’re a London based registered charity organization that promotes the ethical use of photography for positive social change, through the delivery of innovative participatory projects. We came together, had a creative brainstorm and launched Love in London, the photo competition to cheer up London (yup, we’re nice like that.) On Saturday 26rh May, we had a little ceremony/exhibition to celebrate the winners and runners up. So, take a seat and let’s spill some tea 😉


    Setting the scene

    After the arduous task of mounting all the images (thanks to our head of design for that) we decided on the best way to display all the lovely photographs. There were seven categories; Love Your Partner, Love What You Do, Love Yourself, Love Your Friends, Love Your Community, Love Londonand Overall Winner. We decided that we would suspend the pictures from the ceiling to give the effect of being surrounded by London and truly being embraced by its love. Cute, right?

    at the love in london event

    All that was left to do was to get together all the prizes generously provided byPolaroid OriginalsLinda Wisdom PhotographyMetro Imaging, an Ottolenghi signed cookbook and ÏTTAG Luxury Scarfs. Oh and let’s not forget getting our drink on, whoop!


    At the ceremony

    We had the photographers, photograph subjects, friends and their families join us at Theatre Delicatessen, Broadgate. We had some drinks, looked at some gorgeous, inspiring pictures and then had a little speech from our COO. He addressed that all the submissions really embraced the idea of spreading some Love in London so well, that the good news story was picked up by the BBC in the UK and in publications from over 15 countries around the world! Which is something worth celebrating, Love in London went international! Big pat on the back, everyone.

    Pat on the back

    We also got the chance to truly thank PhotoVoice for working with us. The reason the competition had such a big impact is because it opened up a space for many who felt that their voices kept getting drowned out and that their positive thoughts weren’t being heard. Photography is a great opportunity for people to tell stories because the visual speaks volumes. The awards ceremony was a chance to really celebrate that and encourage people to support PhotoVoice’s mission, and you can too. Head over to their website, take a look at their projects and support them in any way you can. Charity is good for the soul J


    The Prizes

    Now, the part you’ve all been waiting for… bring on the prizes! Scott Hamilton (‘Snuggle’) overall winner and winner of the Love Your Partner category won a Polaroid camera. All the better for him to take more breath-taking photography. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, Scott! Winner of the Love What You Do category,Pierre Bureau (‘Homecare Worker Orpington’)took home the coveted Ottelenghi cookbook, signed by the man himself! Victoria Mead (‘Always Remember You are Enough’) winner of the Love Yourself category won a super stylish ÏTTAG Luxury Scarf. All the better for looking and feeling your most confident when loving yourself right? 😉

    Scott Hamilton hung up

    Scott Hamilton’s ‘Snuggle’

    The winner of the Love Your Community category, Ed Robertson (‘Hanging with Dad’) had has his prize presented to him by Linda Wisdom. He won a combination ofMetro Imaging Print Credits, Lab Tour, expert advice and portfolio review, plus a Linda Wisdom Print. We look forward to seeing how his talents blossom with all these gifts under his belt! Last, but certainly not least, Love London winner Elena Nicoleta Braia(‘The Two of Us’)also won a stylish ÏTTAG Luxury Scarf.

    Winning an award

    All the winners gave a little speech but, unfortunately, Elena couldn’t be there to make hers in person. She did say; “Thank you very much for honoring my love for London. This reward inspires me to work in more depth in the big world of photography to explore and capture my unrestrained imagination. It was, and still is, an amazing period for me and I enjoyed everything that has come with this success. Thank you again for everything and for this amazing opportunity.


    Thank You

    We just want to take this opportunity to say a final big thank you to everyone who has made this great project such a success, from the team here at CLiKD who have worked so hard organising everything, to our great sponsors who provided prizes, to anyone who donated/submitted or just spread the word. It has been the greatest gift to see Love in London through your eyes. Keep capturing those moments, people!

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