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How To Make It To First Base… Errr First DATE

  • Your online dating profile…. it can stand between you and your next first date. Let’s keep things simple and start by looking at two possible online dating profiles below:


    Profile one:

    Congrats! You’ve decided to join the world of online dating and you’ve just successfully created, and uploaded, your profile. You’ve included a picture of your dog, your egg salad sandwich (because that’s your favourite food in the world) and a picture of you standing in the park… kind of far away… next to that tree… that is you, right, and not the tree? Anyways, your profile is up and you are looking forward to all those potential matches!

    Have a profile your first dates will be proud ofFeeling mighty proud

    Profile two:

    You are an online dating veteran who’s had a few matches and first dates… hmmm, every few weeks? But why? Wasn’t that profile you created just F.L.A.W.L.E.S.S.? You’ve included a picture of your dog, another one of you and your friends, another one with you and your best friend, a selfie of yourself, a selfie of yourself with sunglasses, and a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice-cream. Your profile is legit.

    Walk into that first date with swag

    Whichever scenario you may fall in OR in between, let’s make sure you have THE best online profile there is.


    First impression matters

    Sure, it’s just a dating app you say… that’s why you still need to make some effort to score those first dates!

    We’ve all heard the saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and it’s actually true, especially in the online world. Pictures are the first thing people see and the only thing that tells a bit about how you are.

    I mean, how can you appear as someone who is fun, witty, outgoing, creative, adventurous, a fantastic cook, can take a joke, has a job, loves music, loves cats and dogs, is passionate about finding the best hipster underground matcha bagels, and is not a serial killer…. in just 3 seconds??

    That’s a lot to cram into 5-6 pictures.

    First impressions matter for that first date

    Some good tips…

    So here are TEN shiny, helpful tips to get your matches and first date stats up:

    1. Choose pics that are clear and don’t cut off your face. I mean if you want to be artistic, then sure? Generally, people like to see what the other person looks like.
    2. Don’t include pics with your ex. That’s just weird. And if you are married or in an exclusive relationship, then make sure your significant other is ok you are on there!
    3. Don’t use outdated pics from when The Sopranos WAS NOT on Netflix yet. If you guys eventually meet, how do you explain the age difference?
    4. Diversifying the types of pics helps too. If all of your pics are selfies AND at the same angle, then try changing things up by showing an activity that you like or the latest trip you went on.
    5. If you must include a pic of yourself in sunglasses, then please just post one. Otherwise you look like you are too cool for school.
    6. If ALL of your pics are group photos, which one are you? Unless you are group dating….
    7. Use your own pic and not one of someone else. That’s called catfishing.
    8. If you know how to use Photoshop, that great! But please don’t use overly Photoshopped pics of yourself so you don’t even look like the true you. You know, there’s a chance you guys will eventually meet in real life right?
    9. Don’t use drunken photos of yourself, not the best first impression. Even if you do like to party.
    10. Pictures with animals are great, just not with a sedated tiger. Trust me, you don’t look cool or adventurous in that pic.

    Now your online pictures are superfly, you’ve matched and the chat lines have been opened. Let’s get you on your way to that first date.

    First date, let's do this!

    Here are five bonus tips if you’ve made it to this stage:

    1. Don’t send dick pics… just don’t.
    2. Don’t be a dick.
    3. Be clear about your intentions. Whether you are looking for a relationship or casual fun, it’s best to state this early on so you are on the same page, sooner rather than later.
    4. Humour is a great ice-breaker…. not funny? Then ask something about the other person’s photo. 
    5. If you are using online dating apps in a foreign country, it’s helpful to let the other person know what language(s) you speak.

    There, now download CLiKD here if you haven’t yet and create a profile like I told you, or refresh your existing one to a new 2.0 version!

    Your future first dates are counting on it.

    Let's go on a first date

    Have fun on that first date!

    Ms. Mel

    Meet/Eat/Love (MEL) #3

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