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How To Make Someone Crawl For You

I know that many of you will be wondering when you see this headline, is this how we are? In the 21st century, are we still looking for tips on conquering someone? I regret to inform you that yes, this is how we are. Although, the good news is that not all the advice is longer valid.

It is very likely (and highly recommended) that you think about much more important things, beyond making your crush crawl for you or (more precisely) becoming psychologically dependent on you, but aren’t you curious? If yes, keep reading…



  • Take your time to reply to their messages. Several hours, even days

So, they finally messaged you and suggested a plan for the weekend. This is especially important: NEVER answer immediately. Especially if you don’t want to look desperate and like you have no social life. Make them see that you have much more important things to be doing than being glued to your mobile screen. What we sometimes recommend at CLiKD dating is that you can take at least a few hours to reply, even a couple of days. Since they’ve messaged already, it’s clear that they like you. You are already at an advantage and you can now make that person even crazier for you.



Even if you have your phone in your f****** hand all the

time, play hard to get and don’t answer right away



  • When something bothers you and you get angry, make them feel guilty


Have they stood you up or just changed plans last minute? Even if deep down it suits you better, because you couldn’t be arsed with their romantic plans, make them understand how tremendously upset you are, even if it’s just to set boundaries.



Rest assured that in the end, they’ll feel guilty and end up crawling back to you, begging for forgiveness. This technique does not fail to win points and gain an advantage. What we want is for them to be chasing you and to crawl for you, not us trailing behind them.




Get them to ask for your forgiveness for making

you angry  



  • You can send them a photo privately to make them feel special… then share it across your social networks

Last but not least, a foolproof technique needs to be mentioned. Take the sexiest and/or cutest photo you can. Obviously choose a good angle and a good sunset light (the Golden hour never fails darling) and send it to them with a sweet and affectionate message. Minutes later, share it on all your social networks. At first, you will make them feel special until they realize that, in fact, they are not. This move is vital, if you want them to realize how desperately obsessed they are with you.



Although these tips may not fully reflect reality, you will better preserve your dignity! Let’s not kid ourselves, we all love that the person we like is crawling all over us 24/7.

So, there you have it! 3 essential tips about how to make someone crawl for you! Whether or not you follow these tips, what is clear is that the more you behave like a bitch, the more they will be crawling and obsessively chasing you. Guaranteed results!