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How To Make Someone Crawl For You

I know that many of you will be wondering when you see this headline, is this how we are? In the 21st century, are we still looking for tips on conquering someone? I regret to inform you that yes, this is how some people are. Although, the good news is that we have some advice on how to spot these people.

It is very likely (and highly recommended) that most people think about much more important things, beyond making their crush crawl for them or (more precisely) become psychologically dependent on them, but aren’t you curious about how to spot those few people that do still think like that? If yes, keep reading…



  • They take their time to reply to your messages. Several hours, even days

So, you messaged them and suggested a plan for the weekend, but they seem intent on trying to prove that they have a social life and have much more important things to be doing than being glued to their mobile screen. They take at least a few hours to reply, even a couple of days. No doubt they are thinking “since they’ve messaged already, it’s clear that they like me. I am already at an advantage and I can now make that person even crazier for me.”



They take days to answer



  • They try to make you feel guilty when something bothers them and they get angry


Have you had to change your plans at the last minute, through no fault of your own? Even if deep down it suits them better, they will tell you how tremendously upset they are as they seek to create boundaries and guilt-trip you. 



They believe that you´ll feel guilty and end up crawling back to them, begging for forgiveness. Don´t let them manipulate you! We don´t want to be chasing them and crawling for them.




They get you to ask for their forgiveness for making them angry  



  • They send you a photo privately to make you feel special… then share it across their social networks

Last but not least, classic behaviour that needs to be mentioned. They take the sexiest and/or cutest photo they can. Obviously they choose a good angle and a good sunset light (the Golden hour never fails darling) and send it to you with a sweet and affectionate message. Minutes later, they share it on all their social networks. At first, they have made you feel special until you realize that, in fact, you are not. With this move, they want you to realize how desperately obsessed you are with them.



Although these signs may not fully reflect reality, you will better preserve your dignity if you spot them early! Let’s not kid ourselves, we all know that person who craves for someone to be crawling all over them 24/7.

So, there you have it! 3 essential tips about how to spot someone who is trying to make you crawl for them! What is clear is that the earlier spot someone behaving like a dick, the quicker you can call them out and put your relationship on a healthier footing or move on. Guaranteed results!

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