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How To Avoid The Modern-Day Cinderella

We all know the story of Cinderella, and how the Prince succumbs to her charms during the Ball the first time they meet. Only for her to disappear without a trace, without even giving him her name.

Who hasn’t gotten with someone in a nightclub? Letting themselves get caught up in their surroundings and in the moment. Only to turn around and find that their new flame has disappeared. Just leaving them high and dry, with no hope of getting to know them beyond a kiss or a dirty dance? Let´s call it Ghosting Express at first sight.

A modern day Cinderella


Skip the Elusive Cinderella

According to our predictions, once the clubs in England open again from 21stJune, there will be a heightened risk of meeting these modern-day Cinderella men or Cinderella women. Both in the straight world and in the gay world! After a year of lockdown, with everyone letting loose, many people may be less likely to be looking for anything serious.



Who has not succumbed to the charms of an

attractive stranger?



If you are easily heartbroken (and under the effects of alcohol, you are often impressed by another´s charms) at CLiKD, we have the solution to skip this phase and not let Cinderella slip through your fingers. Instead, our app will help you to meet the type of princess that is willing to have a relationship and live happily ever after. Not the Cinderella that slips out to her waiting Uber at 12am, without so much as a backwards glance.

It's easy to be dazzled by a modern day cinderella

Here we show you, without further ado, some of the key factors for avoiding this nocturnal Cinderella…


Do Not Be Fooled By The Mirage

First of all, if you are going to drink, obviously do it responsibly! This is not the typical advice that your mother or a guardian would give you: it is very important if you are going to a party or a clubbing that you see things as clearly as possible. Who has not succumbed to the charms of an (apparently) attractive stranger? Then, despite having already planned out your nuptials in your head, found yourself instead once more at the bar ordering another round of sambuca shots alone? Just there, not knowing if what had happened possibly minutes before was a mirage…? We do not want this kind of blackout!



Cinderella lurking in the shadows wants to have their

wicked way with you on the dancefloor



Focus On Having A Good Time With Your Friends

If your intention is to find the love of your life or someone to connect with, focus on going out on the nights you’ve been looking forward to so much. Things like catching up on all the fun you have missed out on after having been in lockdown for more than a year. If there is a Cinderella lurking in the shadows who wants to have their wicked way with you on the dancefloor (before disappearing leaving only their glass slipper) they’re less likely to pluck up the courage to come over to you. Especially if you’re in a group with your friends, enjoying your night like a teenager.

When you're tired of the modern day cinderella

So, these are the very important factors for avoiding the modern-day (nocturnal) Cinderella. Good luck, and may your dreams come true to live happily ever after…


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