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My Boyfriend Doesn’t Post Pictures With Me On Social Media



    My Boyfriend Doesn't Post Pictures With Me On Social Media

    If my boyfriend doesn’t post pictures with me on social media, should I be worried?

    It is common to see couples sharing photos on social networks, but why doesn’t your boyfriend do it?

    We share all kinds of content on social media. Who has not published some achievement, a gift that we have received, or place we have visited? Moreover, when we have a boyfriend, we also upload photos with him. However, something that creates many internal doubts is when he does not do the same with us.

    Is he hiding something from me? Is he ashamed of me? Am I not the only one in his life? These are among the questions that invade our minds when we go through this type of situation, but relax. Not everything has to be bad and here are some of the reasons why your guy does not upload anything with you to his social networks.

    Why my boyfriend doesn’t upload pictures with me? Stay calm, because just because someone doesn’t brag about their relationship on the Internet or shout it to the four winds, it doesn’t mean they are not happy. Here are some of the possible reasons you should consider.


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    The comments

    Your boyfriend may like his privacy and dislike bad comments from third parties. This can be a real reason why your guy won’t upload things with you on social media, as other people’s intentions are not always good. Therefore, it is good to work on your confidence and tell each other things as they are and avoid misunderstandings.


    Doesn’t want to go too fast

    This commonly happens when couples are just starting something, as sometimes they don’t want to ruin what they are building or get ahead of things, as one never knows what might happen later on. Don’t be insecure or think something is wrong with you. Give time to time and enjoy what you have with your special guy.


    This commonly happens when couples are just starting something



    He is not sure about the relationship

    When a man is not clear about what he wants, let alone if you are the woman for him, he will probably avoid sharing things with you on social networks. He won’t even answer your comments to avoid letting it be known that he has something with you. With this, he will avoid the typical “what happened to the girl you were dating?” question if things don’t work out. He may be cautious, or he may just be playing around.




    He doesn’t use social media much

    People focus on sharing everything online and assume others are the same. However, not everyone sees it the same way. Some consider that social networks are not real life, and your guy may prefer to live in the moment and enjoy it with you, rather than experiencing everything through a cell phone.



    Some consider that social networks are not real life, and your guy may prefer to live in the moment



    When should I worry?

    Although the above are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t worry that your guy does not upload anything with you on social networks, the truth is that there are also signals that he sends you which you should look out for.



    It is true that not everyone likes to upload or share photos with their partners on the internet. But it is one thing that he does not do it and quite another that he behaves like a single person. How can you tell the difference? Very simple, because it happens not only on digital platforms but also in real life.

    If your guy doesn’t answer your comments on his photos or doesn’t want you to tag him in anything, but he lets other people do it, or he doesn’t want to take you to family gatherings or he turns away from you when he crosses someone in the street, it is likely that you are a victim of Stashing.

    This tendency is something that you should not allow, because it is not only that your partner wants to hide you from the world, but it can also affect your emotional health by making you believe that you are not “good” enough for him and that is why he does not show you in public.

    So, if you’ve noticed your guy doing the latter, you’re probably a victim of Stashing.



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