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5 New Year’s Resolutions People Can Actually Achieve

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    Yeah, so it’s that time of year again. We know, we KNOW; new year, new you, blah, blah, blah… but honestly, every new year should not be a time to change who you are entirely. Sure, we should always be aiming to improve and better ourselves, but a lot of people see New Year’s resolutions as a chance to completely transform themselves. In those instances, they raise the bar so high for themselves that failure and disappointment is all they end up with.

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    Now, that’s no way to live life or start a new year. Look, if you’re going to use New Year’s resolutions to aid in your self-growth, then be realistic people! If you’ve never been able to swim for example, maybe don’t make one of your resolutions about swimming across the English Channel unassisted in 3 hours (the record so far is 10hrs and 34mins, go David Walliams!) So, with realistic expectations in mind, here are 5 New Year’s resolutions people can actually achieve;


    1. Be Kinder to Yourself

    One of the most important New Year’s Resolutions here. I think it’s safe to say that there is more than enough unkindness in the world already, we don’t need to add to it. Pretty much every movement you see about positivity, from body positivity to sex positivity, all stems from the same source of inspiration; self-love. Kindness, as mushy as it sounds, really does start from within. If you were to look at bullies from a psychological standpoint and analyse how they become bullies (aside from the fact that some people are just cruel) a lot of their behaviour stems from a lack of self-love and a whole LOT of self-loathing. So, why not take this time to make a New Year’s resolution to be kinder to yourself?

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    Personal care has to be a priority, not just physically but mentally and spiritually too. It can be quite common to put others before ourselves and, while being selfless is an admirable trait, we can’t forget that there is no ‘selfless’ without ‘self’, so take care! This care can take many forms; whether it’s a weekly pampering session, a positive mantra, getting a better night’s sleep or taking the time to do something you love just for the sake of it. We all get busy but, trust me, this is one resolution you’ll want to make time for, if only to give your life more of a healthy balance.


    1. Set Yourself Low Targets and Then Achieve Them

    Sure, this might sound lazy but think of it more as baby steps. To reach a goal, you come up with a process to achieve it. If you’re going to run a marathon, you don’t go from no running and pressing the ‘still watching’ button on Netflix as your only exercise to running 5k twice a day. You start by power walking, move on to jogging short distances and slowly build up to marathon level. It’s like what I said earlier about being realistic and this is just the New Year’s resolution to do it. Even if running isn’t your thing 😉

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    Starting with a low target, and achieving it, will give you the confidence to go for bigger goals and so on and so on (you get how this will work, right?) Also, let’s be honest, the first month or so of the new year is a slow one, what with all the food and alcohol that has been consumed at the end of the previous year. So, be easy on yourselves (new year means getting older and that means you won’t be bouncing back as quickly, sorry, but it’s true!)


    1. Say Yes More

    I reckon a lot of lost opportunities in life are down to a lack of bravery and people not wanting to take risks, because the familiar is safer (don’t worry, not judging, we’ve all been there.) What I’m saying though, is that you could use this New Year’s resolution as a way to address that fear, the fear of the unfamiliar, and see what’s on the other side by saying yes more. Obviously, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t trust your gut. If something genuinely feels wrong and uncomfortable, then don’t do it!

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    So, why not try it? If you’re invited out with friends and you’re feeling a bit tired, try and push through it (plenty of time to sleep in the future.) If you’re invited to a random event, go check it out. If someone wants you to give them a tour of your city, do it and you might learn something new by seeing your world through someone else’s eyes.

    Now, I’m sure a lot of you (if you’re single) are like “yes, this is how I’ll meet the one” but life isn’t all about meeting the one. When it happens, it’ll happen, but you can’t live your life only doing things in the hope of possibly meeting the one. There are plenty of other awesome types of people you’ll meet and memories that you can create with them. So, say yes more.


    1. Take a Break From All Things Digital

    There is nothing that can make you feel more shite about your progress in life than social media. For all its pros, it has just as many cons. FOMO is all too real and social media, along with all things digital, is at the route of all of that. We’ve all got an unhealthy attachment to our smartphones and gadgets these days (remember the time before Citymapper, when you actually had to print out a map of where you were going beforehand?) Anyway, needless to say that a New Year’s resolution to take a break from all things digital could be just what you need.

    Now, now, I don’t have a death wish! I’m not suggesting that you give up all things digital, the withdrawal will be severe and no one wants to see you suffer. What I’m saying is that regular breaks are always a good thing. So, maybe say no phones during meal times and an hour or so before bed, no phone? Start small, people! I don’t want to be blamed if you miss something crucial on your phone! We’re all grown here, so if you decide to do this, it’s your decision (please don’t hurt me if it backfires! 🙂 )


    1. Start Giving Zero F**ks About What Other People Think

    Firstly, for those of you who have come into the new year single, this one’s for you. It’s all about your outlook and everyone’s outlook can be adjusted (I think, I have no actual proof of this.) The important thing about your outlook is that it’s your outlook. No one else’s opinion has to, or should, factor into what you do. Which is why this New Year’s resolution is my favourite one on the list. Now, anytime is a great time to start giving zero f**ks about what other people think, new year or not, but there’s no time like the present!

    Look at all the fucks I give

    Look, whether you’re single, taken or whatever’s in between (no judgement) no one’s opinion matters but yours. If you’re happy and enjoying life, then that’s all that matters. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re living your life wrong, question your choices or run commentary about the pace that your major life moments are playing out at. It is true that positivity can help give you that extra shot of magic to make you see that the sky’s the limit.

    This resolution doesn’t have to apply to just relationship status, it should apply to any and every aspect of your life. If you feel yourself starting to care too much about other people’s opinions, then just channel the queen of giving zero f**ks, Rihanna herself. (Going to let you all into a secret here, my New Year’s resolution will always be to become Rihanna, but really, there can only be one!)

    Queen Rihanna

    So, there you have it. 5 New Year’s resolutions people can actually achieve and, be honest, who among us doesn’t want to say they have an inner Rihanna waiting to be unleashed? Exactly! Best of luck in the new year guys!

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