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Do Online Dating Apps Really Work?

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    We have all probably met friends or family who have either experienced a swipe app horror story or a CLiKD miracle. We are all aware of the two extremes/two sides of the story, but the big question is… Does online dating ACTUALLY work?

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    I’m going to run you through some pros & cons & you can be the judge.

    (We are an online dating app after all… So I shall start you off with the pros!)




    (I am now happily married with two kids, a dog named Brian & I can afford to have avocado on toast for breakfast every morning!)

    – With online dating, you are forced to spend time to get to know the other person before y’all meet.

    When you meet someone at the club or your circle of friends at university – you rarely discuss what each other’s interests are/get to know each other singularly from the get go. It’s either drowned out by loud music & a crowd of people or you’re in a large group of friends, therefore compelled to spend time with the others too. This doesn’t allow you to show your true self & the other person may get a false representation of your personality.

    Online dating apps force you to focus on individuals without other forces having an impact on the way you behave. You are more free to be yourself and steer the conversation towards each other’s core interests before you even meet!

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    Be your-xtra-self!

    – More is always better! (Especially when it comes to online dating apps. It can widen the number of options you have.)

    Statistically speaking, online dating apps allow you to speak to more people near you and, by doing so, widens your chance of finding ‘The One’. Of course, people have conversations with each other on a night out, but these are often alcohol fuelled and less meaningful.

    Also, we can all agree that you can put your eggs in more than one basket whilst messaging someone online, but it’s very much considered #rudeAF if you have two girls or boys on the go at the same time on a night out/IRL.

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    *Sends ‘Hey xxx’ to 58+ girls*

    – Marriages that begin on online dating apps are less likely to end in the first year.

    There’s ‘evidence that online dating causes stronger, more diverse marriages’ – Forbes quoted it… So it must be true, right?

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    (I now live with 5 cats after wasting my time on 96 dating apps I downloaded in the past 23 years…)

    – It’s just mindless swipes & conversations rarely go beyond ‘hey’. 

    Admit it boys… You have all swiped right continuously without even glancing at the girl’s bio or photos.

    And girls… We all know that you have an endless chain of “hey x” or “how’s it going?” & sometimes even “what them legs do?”, that you have avoided replying to.

    Spongebob's legs

    ‘What dem legs do b?’

    – More is not necessarily better (It’s all about quality over quantity on online dating apps!)

    There’s always this complex that if you have too much choice, you will end up not making a decision at all.

    E.g. referring back to the previous point… When you have hundreds of messages all saying something along the lines of “Hey beautiful x”, you will end up not replying to a single one of them as you have no idea where to start.


    – How can online dating apps possibly work when 44% of people lie on their online dating profiles?!

    How do you really know he’s ‘tall, dark & handsome’ (like what every girl is looking for on Love Island)? He’s probably just chillin’ in his room like…

    Fish from spongebob saying meep


    Welp! Here are the two sides – now you decide…

    By YYD

    successfully online dating couple



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