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How Your Online Dating Photos Are F**king Up Your Dating Game

  • Taking a bad selfie

    It always starts with the photo. As shallow as it sounds, your online dating profile photo is the first thing a potential match will see and if it doesn’t interest them, it won’t matter how much you have in common or how perfect you could be for each other. Bottom line; they won’t match with you, if they don’t like what they see.

    It’s a little annoying really, as photos are just one side. Just one angle, just one split second of your face in a million other split seconds. You need to make that second count.

    Here are the top mistakes people make when choosing their online dating profile photos;

    Photos That Don’t Show Your Face

    You’d think this would be obvious but nope, this is the absolute worst type of profile pic and probably the most common on this list, so let’s get this biggie out the way first. Time and time again, I see profiles which tell me as much about the person’s face as they do about the person’s deepest inward thoughts. i.e. Nothing!

    What is happening?!

    Mirror selfies with your phone blocking your face. A-level photography-eqsue shots showing half your face in shadow. Photos that cut off all or most of your head. Photos so far away that the face is nothing more than a few pixels. THE FREAKIN’ BACK OF YOUR HEAD. No, no, no, no, NO. I see this so often and I can’t fathom how ANYONE expects to get any matches when no one can see what they look like. Yes, personality matters. Yes, chemistry matters. But looks matter too! To a degree, anyway. We all have different opinions on how much we value another person’s looks but they always, always matter. No one is going to match with someone if they haven’t got the foggiest idea what they actually look like! What if they match, get chatting, meet and find there’s absolutely no attraction there what-so-ever? Don’t get me wrong, not every single photo on your profile needs to clearly show your face but you should include at least one or two close-ups, and preferably have them show up first.

    Having Only One Online Dating Photo

    This is just annoying. People want to see a little bit more and having only one online dating profile photo not only leaves people unsure of what you look like, it also just makes you look lazy. Put some damn effort in! Having more than one photo will give you better chances of making matches. Say someone’s a little unsure of your first photo, they’ll scroll to the second and go “yep!” (or “nope,” but hey, it was never going to work if they don’t like looking at your face.)

    Nah Fam

    Making a Game of “Where’s Wally?”

    Another common mistake is too many group photos. Unless you’re in the middle and the clear focus in every photo, it’s a lot harder than you think for other users to figure out which one you are. Plus, it’s hugely disappointing when the person they thought they were matching with turns out to be your hot friend. Keep it simple. No one wants to trail through puzzles to figure out if they want to match with you or not.

    Do include some group photos though, it makes you look sociable and fun. Just make sure it’s clear what you look like before the group photo pops up.

    Who the fuck are you?

    Too. Many. Selfies

    Selfies make up the majority of online dating profile photos but don’t think you need to flood your own profile with them. Yes, include some for sure. Selfies help you capture your best angles as you have full control, but when every single photo is a selfie it can imply that you’re either a little self-obsessed or you have no friends or family to take a picture for you.

    Gollum taking a selfie

    Same Face in Every Photo

    For me, this is even worse than having just one profile photo. It looks weird and creepy, plus it makes me wonder if the person has any personality at all. Do they ever let loose? Have they always got their guard up? Did the wind change and now their face is really stuck like that?! I don’t know, but I don’t like it. At all. Have a little variety in there please, otherwise it makes you look plastic.

    Guy taking pictures but face never changes

    Photos That Don’t Actually Look Like You

    You are beautiful! You might not always think it but there are plenty of people out there who will. So please, use pictures that are an accurate representation of YOU. Of course, pick the best ones, but be sure they still show the real you. There are too many people out there putting up pictures from 5 years ago. Pictures that are air-brushed to oblivion, pictures that for some unknown reason just don’t look like them at all. Nobody is perfect, so don’t put up pictures that imply you are. You’re going to meet this person eventually and you want them to A) recognise you and B) not be disappointed!

    You're beautiful

    Does That Help?

    See it’s really quite simple, all of these things are pretty obvious, yet such common mistakes. Have you been guilty of any of these? Better get re-organising on your dating profile pics! Honestly, if you take nothing away from this article then please, at least take this; dogs sell. Where possible, include a cute dog pic in your online dating profile photos and you’ll probably be fine 🙂

    Guy dressed like a dog holding a dog

    So now, you can test out your new found online dating photo skills on CLiKD and use them to find the perfect date, tailored just for you! 🙂

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