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Perks of Dating: Extroverts and Introverts

  • Perks of Dating: Extroverts and Introverts

    You meet a new person that you might be interested in, and you guys go on a first date. Your date seems super quiet, almost disinterested.  You feel that you had to do most of the talking since your date wasn’t super chatty. You message your friend afterwards, “Well that was a big disaster!” … yet moments later, your date pings you “I had a great time, let’s do this again.”

    Wait. What just happened?? Did you guys go on the SAME date?

    Yes, it was the same date, but it could be that you guys had different personality types. You could be an Extrovert that just went on a date with an Introvert. Extroverts and introverts can be compatible!

    What’s an Extrovert vs. Introvert you ask?

    According to Cambridge Dictionary:

    Extrovert is an energetic person who enjoys being with other people.

    Extroverts are the life of the party

    Introvert is someone who is shyquiet, and prefers to spend time alone rather than often being with other people.

    Introverts are happier to stay in and be alone more often

    Have you ever found yourself in other situations where your date prefers quiet nights in, while you prefer crowded places and spaces? Or they prefer having alone time while your agenda is always full.

    If the above situations sound familiar to you, let’s get to know more about Extroverts and Introverts, and find out what the perks are of dating each personality type:


    Perks of dating an Extrovert


    1. They are the life of the party

     There’s never a dull moment with an Extrovert! They are social butterflies and no party is complete without them.


    1. They go outside of the comfort zone

     You know that crazy thing you’ve always wanted to do or try, an Extrovert will be your biggest supporter… in fact; they might come along and do it with you!

    Extroverts are more daring


    1. They are easy to be around

     An Extrovert’s general ease and overall warm spirit makes them approachable and friendly, making any situation less awkward.


    1. They are Inclusive

     An Extrovert loves being around people, thus, the more the merrier! You’ll never be lonely because they will always invite you to outings and gatherings.

    Extroverts are more inclusive


    1. They are an open book

     There is no hiding what they are thinking, what you see is what you get.  An Extrovert is pretty obvious with their emotions.

    Perks of dating an Introvert:


    1. They are a good listener

     An Introvert will listen to your every word and won’t cut you off when you are sharing your life story that begins with “That one time in band camp…” or when you are discussing your hopes and dreams.

    Introverts are good listeners


    1. They are happy to give you space

     This is because an Introvert needs their own alone time to recharge, thus, they would happily give you your own space for some R&R!


    1. They are observant

     An Introvert pays attention to details and will notice and complement you on your new haircut.

    Introverts notice changes in each other and give compliments


    1. They are thoughtful

     You can count on an Introvert to remember your stories, likes, dislikes, including your favorite weird combo ice-cream flavors.


    1. They appreciate depth vs. breadth

     An Introvert is pickier on who they choose to spend their time with so it’s a good thing they want to spend time getting to know you.

    Introverts prefer something with depth

    The best part about dating is meeting different personality types and figuring out which type you connect with the best. Many people fall somewhere in between an Extrovert/Introvert and have “leanings” towards one. As there are perks to both Extroverts and Introverts, be open-minded and see where things evolve.

    Happy dating!

    Ms. Mel

    Meet/Eat/Love (MEL) #25 

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