Presenting... The Internship 2.0 | Clikd Dating App

Presenting… Internship 2.0;

Mates, Dates & Festival Breaks

2nd daria (polaroid pics)

Are you a single creative thinker, who is a strong communicator, sociable and adventurous?! Are you looking for a the greatest life changing internship EVER? Or maybe you’re just new to London and want to get paid to party and meet some new peeps? If so then, CLiKD dating app have got a perfect internship for you…

CLiKD is running their dating internship for a second time (because it went almost too well the first time; our intern met her current boyfriend on her second first date! Disclaimer: We can’t promise that again this time, sorry…) We want someone new to put our creative dating app through its paces with this unique internship. 

Which is why we need you, our dating intern to, be our very own human guinea pig.  But hey, its not all bad – you’ll get some pretty sweet dates (some listed below) as well as some other perks. At CLiKD, we believe in celebrating individuality, doing things differently and just having fun, so you can bet we will have some great dates lined up for you!

Our previous intern got to go on paid dates in some cool London venues including; warehouse raves, clubbing and much, much more. She was featured on radio, billboards AND podcasts. Plus she even went clubbing at a beach festival in Croatia in the end with her boyfriend who she met through the CLiKD dating app! Even more, her blog became part of the fourth best dating blog in the UK and got nominated for a UK dating award! Who could ask for more from an internship?!

The internship in a few words: 10 weeks, 10 dates/ nights out, with 10 people (or less if it goes well) and 10 Blog posts.


Must be London based and over 18

Must be single (“it’s complicated” is not acceptable, people!)

Must be sociable and have an active social media presence

A great communicator who must also kiss and tell….errr we mean meticulously document and recount their experience

The ability to blog hungover will be looked on favourably

Decent taste in music is essential (i.e. no die hard Bieber fans)

No mirror or gym selfies on your social media or dating profile

You must be an active CLiKD App user

So, are you ready to convince us that you're our next dating intern?!


And now, a word from our former dating intern, Daria, about her experience with the CLiKD internship…

daria billboard

Daria Lazo (Previous dating intern): Without a doubt, I think we can all agree that this has to be the coolest internship in the world. Where else would you find a position where you get to go on dates, write fun stories about said dates, actually be on a mission to meet people and get paid for it?! Never mind meeting an amazing guy and being sent to a festival with him I’m definitely one lucky girl! #winning

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