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Reasons Why You Don't Flirt As Much As You'd Like To

Love and flirting signals are in the air, but you have to know how to emit them correctly. Interpreting them wisely is also up to you of course. With this post we will show you the closest ways to seduction and why you don’t flirt as much as you’d like to. Of course, these tips we are going to give you can be applied in real life, so take advantage and check out our ClikD Dating App and put into practice what we tell you. Here are some of the reasons why you don’t flirt as much as you´d like to.




Ugly duckling syndrome

Stop thinking nonsense and creating unnecessary insecurities such as: they are better looking than me, how are they going to notice me? Come on, the only problem would be if they were uglier than you, and that stilll wouldn’t be a problem either. Let’s see: beauty is subjective, so nobody can evaluate if you are uglier or less handsome than anyone else, unless you are Lord Voldemort and you are as ugly inside as you are outside and you have your soul separated in 7 horcruxes. Besides, haven’t we learned anything from Disney? Beauty is on the inside, so, put your insecurities aside, and get flirting like there’s no tomorrow!



Believing you´ll have competition

“I’m not going to text them because they won’t listen to me since they will probably have 100,000 more suitors to deal with”. But, wait a minute… do you have a fortune-telling crystal ball? Don’t be fooled by your own conspiratorial beliefs against yourself: you don’t know, and in fact you will never know whether or not your crush has many suitors. Besides, if they are so gorgeous or the God of Olympus, don’t you think that maybe there will be many people who think the same way you do? So, take advantage of it because maybe this imaginary competition that you have set up in your head doesn’t really exist! Take courage and write to them, honey, life is two days and we are not here to waste time. Let’s go flirt!



Don’t be fooled by your own

conspiratorial beliefs against yourself



Comparing feelings

I like them more than they like me. Mama, no drama! Once more, we are dealing with the same thing: what makes you think that you are below them on the sentimental scale? Let’s see, obviously if they are not giving you any sign of rejection, or if they are giving you a little smoke bomb, or are ghosting you big time, go on with your thing and don’t put a wall in the middle of that initial flirting that we all like. Eliminate prejudices from the past because that will prevent you from meeting people in future, and do not overdo being dry or blunt because that makes you shitty, and believe us it comes across as anything but interesting.




And here are our weekly tips, like every Thursday. The headline we will leave you with is to start loving yourself, because that’s how others will start loving you. Fake it until you make it! Results always guaranteed.


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