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Check Out What This Relationship Expert Said About CLiKD…

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    UK Dating Fair:

    Ever heard of a ‘Dating and Relationship Expert’ and thought WTF?! What do they do?! Can they really save a couple on the rocks?! Do they know the secret behind the perfect match!? Well, we’re here to set the record straight as we got chatting to a real relationship expert, Madeleine Mason – dating coach, relationship counsellor and Director of, to learn more about the treacherous world of dating.

    Talking to a relationship expert


    The Relationship Expert

    So to start with, I wanted to know how one would even become an expert in relationships. Madeleine told me “firstly, I studied psychology after a few years working in mental health. The biggest thing people struggle with are relationships. When I got divorced, I became interested in the field of romance, how we meet, what makes a good relationship etc, and never really looked back.”

    Madeleine is the Director of Passion Smiths, I asked her to tell me a little more about it. She said “[it] is a company of psychologists and psychotherapists, who work with people who struggle with dating or relationships. Essentially we try to smith passion back into peoples lives.” Nice! So, if you’re having trouble finding love, or if you need help to date smarter, then you know where to go!

    When you get advice from a relationship expert

    The Psychology of CLiKD

     – The Questions

    With Madeleine’s expertise, we thought it would be interesting to delve into the psychology behind CLiKD. We want to know why questions from the app, including ‘Go with the flow or plan before you go?’ and ‘Do you think art should be beautiful or meaningful?’, are helpful when it comes to finding the perfect match. Madeleine told us that “in psychometric testing, this type of questioning is called ‘ipsative testing’ or ‘forced choice testing’. The great thing with this sort of questioning is that people are forced to take a stance, and one is more likely to get a better sense of someones tastes with these sorts of questions.” There we have it! CLiKD helps users to zone in on potential partners using fancy matching techniques! Scientifically proven some might say…

    Our relationship expert recommends personality tests

     – The Pictures

    The questions on the app are presented in a picture form and Madeleine reckons that “as the saying goes, a picture speaks a million words. The image is more powerful and makes for a richer experience. It is also quicker than having to read questions, adding to the fun of using Clikd.” Aesthetically pleasing and quick and easy to use – get in!!! Madeleine also reckons that this is why the quality of matches are much better with CLiKD; ”the forced choice imaging means you can personalise your ‘questions’. Someone who resonates with certain pictures that mean something to you also, indicates a good match. For example the Brexit one, will bring people together of similar political views.” 

    Good pictures are a must from our relationship expert

     – The Buzz

    I’m sure we can all relate to that ‘buzz’ feeling you experience once you get a match. But have you ever wondered where it comes from? Madeleine explains that “a match eludes to the prospects of someone liking you. This will be seen as a ‘reward’ in the brain and it will increase the amount of the feel-good hormone dopamine in your body. Hence the buzz.” Awesome!

    Be aware of the buzz says our relationship expert

    The UK Dating Fair

    We heard on the grapevine that Madeleine has got a fair coming up next week, so she filled us in on all the important deets…”Yes, The UK Dating Fair is an amazing event for singles who want to know more about successful dating.  The most knowledgeable dating experts gathered under one roof, with seminars, workshops, talks, Q&A’s, stands, a free photoshoot and more. The value alone of seeing them in an afternoon exceeds hundreds of pounds. If you have any dating related questions, this is the place to get them answered! It’s on Sunday 11th March 1-8pm, and doors open at 12.45.”

    You're ready to put yourself out there says our relationship expert

    Exciting stuff! If you want to learn more, click here.

    Wrapping it up with our relationship expert

    Madeleine told us that her most useful piece of advice that she gives clients is to ”know what type of relationship you want and dare to ask for it.” We love this advice! Be certain about who you are and what you want and don’t look back.

    We love advice from a relationship expert

    And finally, can you create a question for the app?

    • “Night Owl or Early Bird?”
    • “Cuddles on the sofa or night out with mates?”

    So there we have it! Thanks Madeleine – you’ve been great! It was so interesting to a little learn more about the psychology behind dating from a relationship expert and we wish you all the best for the UK Dating fair!

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