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Signs that indicate that your relationship is doomed to fail

Perhaps you have noticed some attitudes in yourself and your partner that indicate that things are not going well. The excitement that encourages us to start a romance with someone is such that we do not stop to think that there are some attitudes that can condemn us to failure. However, over time, these may become more evident, so we must be very careful with these signs to avoid getting hurt.

When a relationship is healthy, it shows in the couple´s complicity and happiness, but when it is not, negativity and arguments begin to emerge. A relationship can become toxic and will, in the end, be condemned to failure.

It is important that you take these warning signs into account. They can emerge quickly or long after the beginning of your romance. How do you know if your relationship will fail?



A shower of criticisms

We all have flaws, but one of the behaviors that indicates that things are not good is when your partner begins to criticize you more, or if they do so constantly. It is normal that, when there is no more love, we focus on our partner´s weaknesses to show our anger with them and to strip him/her of his/her essence and personality. By this, we don’t mean that any criticism is a bad sign. However, there are things like your appearance that should not be up for discussion.


Contempt for the partner

Sometimes our partner humiliates us or treats us badly, but we do not leave them because we are in love. If this is the case, we are most likely suffering from emotional dependency cannot cut our losses. A healthy relationship should be managed on the basis of respect. When this is lost, the relationship will be destined to fail.


A healthy relationship should be managed on the basis of respect



Always looking for blame

It is normal for couples to argue and have misunderstandings, but if they almost always try to blame each other it is because neither is willing to take responsibility. This is one of the most important signs that a relationship is condemned.


The law of ice

When you have problems, communication is the key to solving them. If, on the contrary, your partner tries to blame you or blackmail you about something you did, it is because they do not really love you and are only seeking to take advantage of the situation. If this is the case in your relationship, it will end up going into the abyss.



When you have problems, communication is the key to solving them




Forcing and demanding

Each person is different and is handled differently, which is why we show love with actions, gestures, nice words and more. However, if your partner demands that you do things you do not want to do or manipulates you at will, your relationship has no legs and, sooner or later, it will end.



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