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Speed Dating 101 – A CLiKD Guide

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    You’ve all probably heard about speed dating as a method of meeting people and, potentially, finding a partner. It’s not a new thing at all, although some of us have long-standing stereotypes about it. Well, having hosted its very own, successful Speed Dating event (Date Escapes) CLiKD wants to dismantle some of those stereotypes.

    Ready to be proven wrong about speed dating

    Let’s start with obvious positives of speed-dating


    1. Choices

    Come on, admit it. It’s nice when all these single people within your demographic have been gathered together… and they are all definitely ready to mingle! You are all united by the same goal. Meaning, you shouldn’t be scared to start a conversation or approach the person – a real solution, if you are usually shy!

    Speed dating provides you with choices


    1. Bar

    Most of the time, these events happen in a very close proximity to free alcohol to facilitate the ambiance. So, why not use it as an excuse to sip a few Daiquiris?

    Speed dating = booze


    1. 3-5 min dates

    The average length of one date is 3-5min, meaning that even if you really, really don’t like the person, it’s not gonna last long. You won’t have to think of any awkward excuses to run away either.


    1. Can go with a friend

    Unite with your single friends and go together! That way, you can get an instant collective opinion on your potential matches!


    1. Don’t have to worry that people don’t look like pictures

    We all know that critique of dating apps. Photoshopped pictures, finding the right angle, snapchat filters and when you meet in the offline world, the reality is not what you expected. Well, speed dating skips this step and allows you to see the real person straight away, subsequently preventing you from wasting time.

    Everyone comes as they are, no catfishing


    1. Avoid small talk

    “How are you?”, “the weather conversation” etc. – booooring! When you only have 3 minutes, you are more likely to get straight to the point and ask important questions, which allows you to judge the connection much quicker.

    Really narrow your topics and questions for speed dating chat


    Now, onto a few pieces of advice:


    1. Dress appropriately

    It is a date after all, so “dressing to impress” is encouraged!


    1. Don’t drink too much, too early

    That can make you give away too many extra details that you might not wanna reveal just yet.

    Know your limit with alcohol for speed dating


    1. Think about what you wanna know

    You only have a few minutes, so better use them wisely! Think about a few questions that really matter to you, but then also a few jokes and pick-up lines to stand out and make an impression.


    1. Fill out the form as you go

    When you arrive at the event, you will be given a form to fill out, where you will indicate if you fancied the person. It is a good idea to fill them out as you go, instead of trying to do them all at the end. Let’s be honest, you will undoubtedly forget the names and numbers by then.


    1. Be open-minded

    It is a stereotype and discrimination free zone – simple as that! Especially, if you want to get to know people.


    1. Be creative and go with the flow

    You’re gonna meet lots of people over the night, so it is a good idea to think of the ways to stand out and make people remember you!

    So, there you have it. Speed dating 101 – A CLiKD Guide. It can be daunting to head out knowing you’re going to meeting a lot of new people, with only 3-5 mins to impress, but remember. Everyone is a little nervous and you’re all in this together. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and just look at speed dating as an opportunity to meet new people.

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