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4 Street Food Venues To Impress Your Foodie Date

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    Look, this is a safe space (sort of, it is the internet after all…) but we can all be honest here! We all know that the main thing that unites people and creates real, lasting bonds is… food! There, I said it! Why, you ask? Well, you can always eat (at least I can anyway and if you can’t keep up, well, it was nice knowing you, I guess?) If you’re running out of conversational topics with someone? Bring up food. Want to meet with someone and you don’t know where/or what to do? Throw some food into that plan and you’re sorted! Food is just the ULTIMATE. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that food is probably the best thing humanity has done (except for when people try to serve it in hipster style nonsense, no one has ever asked for their coffee to come in an avocado skin, enough!)

    Hipster eating noodles out his beard shaped like a bowl with sirracha

    I digress though, the great thing about London is that there are a ton of places to get great food and one of the best types of places to hit are street food markets. You get food and you get to take in some London atmosphere, as well as some culture. So, for all you peeps out there that love food (so everyone, really) here are 4 street food venues to impress your foodie date.


    veeg stand

    Photo Credit: Veeg


    For those of you who really got into Veganuary and decided to take on the lifestyle for good (or for those of you turning up your nose at that previous statement because you’ve always been vegan) we have the street food spot for you! Veeg focuses on serving up delicious hot vegan food full to the brim with herbs and spices. Their food is centred around seasonable vegetables (locally sourced when possible, got to love a place that supports their community) legumes and beans to provide a fresh, healthy and animal-free dish. You can choose from the likes of Vegan meatballs in fresh tomato basil oregano sauce, butternut squash and chickpea curry, as well as spicy Moroccan vegetable tagine!

    Being vegan just makes you better than most people

    Not just content on providing a meat-free alternative haven, they also serve dishes that are low in saturated fat, full of energising herbs, free of animal growth hormones and antibiotics, as well as many of the dishes providing all 5 of your 5-a-day! So, win-win-win, you get the point! This is a street food experience that can be enjoyed by all, so don’t be dissuaded if you usually have meat with every single meal. New experiences are good for the soul, so why not try it? Be Veeg, eat happy (even if you don’t decide to go full vegan, because no one’s forcing you…)

    For more info: Check out @veeg_london on Instagram to see what you’re getting yourself into. You can find Veeg on Fridays at St Katherine’s Dock, Saturdays at Broadway Vegan Market and Sundays at Walthamstow Vegan Market.


    Vietvan street food

    Photo Credit: Vietvan


    I don’t know about you, but I am quite partial to some spice in my meal, so if you are also the type of person who is always reaching for something extra from the spice rack, then Vietvan is the street food venue for you! Inspired by Vietnamese cuisine, they like to keep it fresh and spicy with their interpretation of the Vietnamese Banh Mi.

    Cartoon cat downing tabasco sauce

    They are not just limited to street food, oh no, no, no. Vietvan also have pop ups, supper clubs and can cater a whole host of events such as office lunches, corporate functions, weddings and parties of all occasions. Their set-up is flexible with them being able to cook, prepare and serve both inside and out including back gardens! The van is also available for outdoor events on request, you know, in case you decide to show off to your friends when it comes to planning a cool shindig (I realise shindig is not a cool word anymore… irony)

    For more info: Check out the Vietvan website to see which markets they’ll be trading at each week.

    KERB Market

    KERB market street food

    Photo Credit: KERB Market


    I can personally attest to the fact that before I discovered Shoreditch, I thought Camden was the coolest place in London and then they opened KERB Market and I decided it would be home now (I don’t actually live in the market, that would be weird… or wonderful, you decide.) Anyhoo, KERB is a street food collective that fully supports the independent London traders (whoop whoop) and they do have other spots all over London (will be listed below.) Everything that I’ve had from there has been a culinary delight (their freakshakes are basically a work of art.)

    Sobbing saying it's so beautiful
    With about 34 stands trading every day, they have stalls from the likes of Bapitta, The Big Cheese, Kaki Lima, A Pie Party, The Gyoza Guys and Ink to name a few, so you won’t run out of options. In fact, you may as well plan to save your stomach for a day full of feasting because you won’t be able to eat from just one stall. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    For more info: KERB Camden Market is open Mon-Thurs from 11am-6pm and Fri-Sun from 11am-7pm. You can also find KERB in Paddington, King’s Cross, Gherkin, West India Quay and London Bridge (which will be back this month!)



    Photo Credit: Street Feast


    Looking for more of a dinner street food vibe? Then head on over to Dinerama ASAP! Well… after 5pm on a Thurs-Sat to be exact 🙂 Picture, if you will, a former bullion truck depot in Shoreditch that has now been transformed to a foodie’s dream! To complete the dining experience, they also have a resident DJ, four bars and 9 global street food traders including Yumplings, Prawnography, Club Mexicana and White Men Can’t Jerk.

    ghetto redhot - woman dancing over how good chicken is

    Situated in Shoreditch Yard (aka. the heart of all things cool and stylish in London these days) the open-air site also includes a German Sex Dungeon, in case you decide to take your street food date up a notch, and some pretty cool bars for if you decide to play it safe.

    For more info: They’re open all year round (May-September) and entrance is free before 7pm and £3 after that. They accept cash and card (which is always handy to know beforehand.)

    Stephen Colbert - Give it to me now

    So, there you have it. Our pick of 4 street food venues to impress your foodie date. Look, the truth is that if you find someone who appreciates food as much as you do AND they make you as happy as a waiter/waitress bringing you your food, then you should basically marry them or (if marriage isn’t for you) at least plan to spend the rest of your lives together because that is a true love if ever there was one. Now, go forth and eat! Feel free to bring me back a doggie bag 😉

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