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How to Survive the Single Life in London: 12 Tips

  • Life missed out on handing some of us a copy of the modern survival guide. You know, the one that included a massive chapter dedicated to single life in London. This is why we decided to list and explain the 12 most important tips on how to survive the single life in London!

    1) Get to know yourself

    It’s hard to see that not being attached to another person can actually be an opportunity to explore externally… and internally. In fact, that’s exactly what it is.

    Try new things, take up challenges (not just those hashtags on Twitter, we also recommend real challenges like learning to live independently or setting professional goals) and figure yourself out. It’s now or never!

    2) Keep socialising

    While you’re on the road to self-discovery, it’s important to keep putting yourself out there. This is how you build connections and hone your conversation skills. There are a bunch of ways you can maintain that momentum. You can join a local club or take up volunteering for a cause you care about. You can even meet like-minded people through our new app CLiKD

    3) Learn something new

    Now’s the time to sign up for a taster session at that salsa class down. Or maybe you can try your hand at learning how to speak a new language. Or just dust off that DIY book that’s been sitting on your shelf untouched for a decade.

    You’ve got loads of free time now. Maybe you just might discover your hidden talent!

    4) Don’t be too hard on yourself

    Living in a fast-paced city with a crazy population of 8.7 million sounds great. Yet, it’s not rare to hear about people feeling isolated. And for obvious reasons, this feeling tends to hit singletons harder than their significant-other-having counterparts.

    When you’re having a lonely day, remember not to give yourself a hard time. Everybody has them. Single life in London offers the plus that you can always find something happening in the city every day. Forget about your relationship status and focus on bettering your emotional status.

    5) Work is where the heart is

    If you’re single, you can’t chase other people to feel fulfilled. It simply doesn’t work like that.

    You’ve got to make sure that you’re a whole person on your own. And the best way to start is to get involved with work. Doesn’t matter if it’s professional work or hobby-based work. It’s something that demands passion and discipline, and now you have loads of extra commitment to give.

    6) Surround yourself with positive people

    Misery loves company but so does Happy-Go-Lucky! Seek out healthy relationships and be unapologetic about the kind of people you let into your life. Being around fun, good-hearted people can be a great influence on your mind while adding a positive building block to your personality every day.

    7) Get physically active

    Single life in London = Sulking alone in bed all day. Right? 


    Kick yourself out, put on your trainers and go for a run. Being physically active is not only proven to make you happier, your future self will thank you for not slacking when you still had a metabolism.

    8) Enjoy the solitude

    Disregard people who tell you otherwise. Even the wise Audrey Hepburn once said “I have to be alone very often. I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel”. A little alone time now and then is highly recommended to sort out and evaluate.

    9) Reconnect with existing relationships

    Have you ever had a mate from school or university that you always wanted to get back in touch with? Just send them an email or contact them on social media to see if you can reconnect.

    And hey, this could also be a good opportunity to spend more time with your family. If you happen to start your own someday, it’s possible that you simply won’t find as much time anymore.

    10) Smart is sexy

    Excuse the mother hen talk, but it’s true. Even if you’re out of uni, you shouldn’t stop learning new things and know what’s going on in the world. Imagine you meet someone great but you have nothing interesting to say. Wouldn’t it suck to come off boring and detached from reality?

    All the information in the world is a click or a library card away. So give your brain a regular dose, form opinions, and get smart.

    11) Don’t be bitter

    Your friends are probably celebrating their anniversaries. You’re waiting for the tube and you’re bound to see that one couple passionately making out in the corner. Netflix might keep recommending that you watch that Katherine Heigl movie where she finds her hot, A-lister soulmate again.

    In other words, you can be surrounded by love even if it’s not Valentine’s Day. And you might feel just tiny bit envious and bitter. Well, get rid of that feeling. There’s nothing attractive about it and you’re just going to feel like sh*t. Be happy for other people!

    12) Date!

    We should stop thinking in black and white. There’s not just being super engaged and super alone. It’s plenty of people out there, go and meet them. Date various people, try, test, don’t settle. Many people start a relationship with someone and stick with it because they fear that they will not be able to find someone else like that. It’s absolutely false, and also these types of thoughts are very damaging to your relationships: you settle. Do you really think that the person you met by chance at school, at the gym or at work is the right one? Is the best one you could find? Well, it might be sometimes, but it’s very rare. In order to find the right one, you have to try many times.

    So, don’t stay on your couch waiting for the charming prince / beautiful princess to knock at your door and being sad if this (obviously) doesn’t happen. Go out, date people, be sociable. I’m not saying that you have to do lots of one night stands, but neither you should date people just looking for your future husband/wife. Just see how it goes: if you meet someone who is interesting but not enough for a life-long relationship, you can date them for some weeks, maybe months, and end it when you want. London is a very dynamic and open-minded city, you don’t have to marry someone if you are dating him/her!


    In summary, living single in London is not a nightmare. It’s actually an amazing opportunity to develop personally and professionally. There’s no point of being in a relationship without knowing who you are and what you really want. You should come first, and just after having taken care of yourself and being fulfilled, you can really find the right person for you, someone that you choose because you really want, and not because you need someone. Meanwhile, try new dates, understand what you really like and don’t settle. You can meet new people using CLiKD.

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