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The Best Costumes For Flirting On Halloween



    The Best Costumes For Flirting On Halloween

    Have you ever thought about what are the best costumes for flirting on Halloween? Halloween is coming, a date on which dressing up in costume invites disinhibition and looking more at others. Check out this selection of costumes, some of the most original, to find your soulmate on Halloween. Halloween is becoming more and more like Valentine’s Day. Beyond the tradition of honoring the dead, year after year there are more themed parties where flirtations, laughter and unexpected couples follow one after another. Even going to the cinema to see a good scary movie with that person you just met gives you the chance to watch it together.

    Therefore, from CLiKD, we invite you to discover the ideal costumes to celebrate, and take advantage of, the next Halloween. With them you will own the night.


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    Yes, it may be a costume for a children’s party, but the fairy phenomenon is always a good option. Very simple to prepare: a sexy dress, wings and makeup with glitter.  If you want to get inspired look up one of the times Kylie Jenner dressed up as a fairy with her friends. Besides, you never know, you might find your Peter Pan…



    Harley Quinn

    Once again, she is trendy and, without a doubt, the violent and attractive DC Comics character has triumphed thanks to her sexy aesthetics, visual strength and eminent appeal. The costume can be accompanied, in its male version, by the corresponding Joker, a partner both in science fiction and in real life for those who choose this option.


    Batman or Catwoman

    On Halloween, the sinister aspects of both costumes can be emphasised. With Batman and Catwoman, the more black you use in your tailoring, the better. Dressing up as these super heroes already gives you a certain gothic but sexy aesthetic at the same time. With these costumes, it’s impossible not to get caught!





    A classic that could not be missed, as it is the quintessential Halloween costume. In its male or female version, a vampire always triumphs. In addition, the line of “give me your throat so I can suck your blood” is ideal for the most daring flirter. This costume is a classic that can be modernized if you give it a touch of movies like “Blade” or “Underworld”. You can also become the most glamorous vampire with extra makeup.




    Another classic. In the era of The Walking Dead it is unthinkable to imagine a Halloween without an undead costume. It is very easy to do: torn clothes and the some makeup should do the trick. It also offers quick results for flirting, since as soon as two zombies cross paths, the symbiosis between the two is natural and spontaneous.



    The Squid Game

    The famous Netflix series is also going to hit it big on Halloween. And its strange, masked characters and its already iconic aesthetic will mean your costume will not go unnoticed. Besides, it’s always morbid to see someone masked, without revealing their secret identity. The costume is ideal for both men and women.


    And so, there are some ideas on how to have a blast this Halloween with your costume. There is one week left, so you still have time. Don’t be boring and don’t stay at home: take advantage of Halloween to flirt with your sexiest costume.


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