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The Best UK Dating App – The Hunt!

  • The Best UK Dating App - The Hunt!

    Just what is THE best Dating App in the UK?

    Online dating is more popular than ever. Everyone who’s anyone is using at least one dating app, but which one is the best UK dating app? What’s the most popular? Where are the most active people? Which UK dating app has the best features? What makes a dating app “the best UK Dating app”? These are the questions that are undoubtedly racing around every single person’s head right now. (And rightly so!) Well, have no fear, dear reader, as we are here to answer these questions and help find the app for you!


    Scruffy - the best UK dating app

    Scruff was originally the best UK dating app for men who like me with beards. Now, Scruff’s user base has expanded and includes clean-shaven bi, gay and trans men. With an older user base than other apps, Scruff is without a doubt the best UK dating app for men who want something different from the usual on Grindr. Scruff is free to use but you can upgrade to Scruff Pro for more fun features to find the perfect match. Don’t forget to send them a “woof” if you find them attractive!


    CLiKD Dating App

    If you’re sick of the superficiality of dating apps, then CLiKD is the best UK dating app for you. Now, not to blow our own proverbial trumpet, but CLiKD offers users the chance to get to know their matches more deeply than other apps, thanks to our unique Dealbreakers. By breaking the ice and getting to know someone before you’ve even matched, users, open themselves up to better, and more like-minded individuals. You can even send in your own dealbreakers to make the app as bespoke to you as possible. So for those looking to create and date, CLiKD is the best UK dating app. CLiKD is free to use but offers premium features such as more Super Likes and more Second Chances.


    The Inner Circle

    Inner Circle - Best UK Dating App

    The Inner Circle is the best UK dating app for young professionals. With over 1.5 million users worldwide, it’s a sure way to find likeminded business oriented individuals who like the finer things in life. There is a selection process (like applying for a job I guess) but it’s worth it in the end. You know the other users will be just as high a quality as you. The app has claimed to have made 10,000 successful matches, so why not jump aboard! So if you like to go on extravagant dates, you could live in a tuxedo, or you enjoy going to the Polo every weekend, then the Inner Circle might be the one for you.


    Happn - Best UK Dating App

    Are you constantly on the move? Do you often walk past someone and can’t stop thinking about them for the rest of the day? Well Happn might just be the best UK dating app for you. It’s happened to us all, you’ve seen someone on the bus that you’re too awkward to say hello to. Well Happn has you covered! If you’ve crossed paths with another user, they’ll jump to the top of your page. All you have to do is send a heart and if they reciprocate, you’ll be on your way! So if you’re a busy body who is too awkward (aren’t we all) to say hello in real life, try Happn.


    MuzMatch - Best UK Dating App

    For single Muslims looking for love, Muzmatch is the best UK dating app! With over 25,000 success stories, Muzmatch takes pride of place in our list of the best UK dating apps. Privacy is of huge importance for users on Muzmatch. You can use an alias or keep your photos hidden/blurred until later, so there’s no danger of friends or family finding your profile. The app is free to swipe, match and chat but you can upgrade to Instant Match, giving you the chance to talk to someone before they have liked you back. So if you’re a single Muslim looking for love, Muzmatch is the perfect app for you.

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