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The Hottest Dating Apps Right Now

  • Picking a dating app on the app store is like going to a sweet shop. You have a HUGE amount of options that all have their different colours, flavours, and quirks that make them stand out. But which are the hottest dating apps right now and the best for you? Fact of the matter, you definitely want to avoid whatever app is liquorice. No one likes liquorice (apologies to the monsters out there who like liquorice).


    • Tinder:

    Tinder, the app that made dating apps the talk of the town. With its unique feature (at the time) of putting your face (and not much else) instantly in front of potentially limitless amounts of people… The hype has quickly worn off as more, and better, apps adopted a similar strategy and felt less soulless than Tinder’s blatant leaning into superficiality. CLiKD, on the other hand, takes an approach that values personality as much as looks. It gives users a platform to get to know their matches before matching with them through their personality test.


    • Bumble:

    Similar to Tinder in multiple ways including the fact that it came out in a similar time and also predominantly focused on superficiality before recently taking on similar features to more modern apps like Hinge. Bumble’s main USP gives women the chance to message first within 24 hours of matching. If they don’t message, the match goes. The only issue with that after the woman messages first control is then handed over to the person they’re messaging (potentially male) where they can let the chat disappear if they don’t reply after 24 hours. Alternatively, CLiKD chooses not to put such an emphasis on gender and gives everyone the same opportunity to find love!

    • Hinge:

    Hinge is everyone’s new favourite sweet. Ever since it rose to its peak of popularity last year, everyone has loved how the prompts that the app is so famous for allow you to show off your personality. Difficulty is that because of the prompts there is this underlying pressure to be funny and clever when you might just want to get on with it. At CLiKD, because the questions in the hundreds of questions in the app are already written for you aren’t put under that stress! You can also come up with your own questions if you can’t find any that suit you.

    • Happn:

    Happn is, on the face of it, a handy app that lets you meet people who you’ve naturally crossed paths with. Now read that sentence back and try and tell me how that isn’t also incredibly worrying… Whilst being handy and easy it also opens the door to interactions you possibly don’t want with people. CLiKD tries to steer clear away from being that invasive and rather allows users to say which area they’re from without the intense hassle of much else.


    • Hily:

    The new kid on the hottest dating apps block, Hily, has been getting a lot of interest recently. The app finds recommendations for you using AI influenced by your swiping history. It prefers this to using geography or appearance. It also offers a compatibility test to show how you and a potential match suit. Whilst it does use looks to use AI to users benefit it also removes the fun and unpredictability of dating apps. CLiKD’s quiz likes to bring the fun back into dating with its style of personality quiz!


    • Badoo:

    The worlds biggest dating app Badoo has no problem with throwing everything at you at once. Options are almost endless, which for most will be as intimidating as it is beneficial. An issue for many in the dating world are too many options that don’t quite fit. At CLiKD, recommendations are based on commonalities and then the personality test makes sure you guys are suited!


    • Ship:

    The app competing with Hily for the title of “New Kid On The Block” is Ship. This app lets your friends choose someone for you! Whilst it’s definitely a fun alternative to your standard dating app, it discourages users from trusting their own judgement. CLiKD purposely takes the opposite view by encouraging users to trust in their interests and finding matches based on subjects and questions that are important to them.


    • The Inner Circle:

    Inner Circle promises to have the “most attractive and inspiring singles” available to you. However, this is only made available by offering an element of exclusivity with its app. That means you can only get on the app if multiple current users of the app refer you. The high-level promises may be enticing but at what cost? There are multiple hoops to jump through to get into the Inner Circle. In the time it takes to get in, you could’ve matched with someone on CLiKD who isn’t worried about ‘exclusivity’ at all.

    So, these are the hottest dating apps right now, all you need to decide is which one is best for you!

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