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Tips For Getting Back Into Dating After A Relationship Has Ended

Have you broken up with your partner and are now ready to take the next step and return to the dating world? Here are some tips on how to leave your past relationship behind and start a new romance. Needless to say, jump into the pool by trying the CLiKD Dating App and immerse yourself in a sea of opportunities and new and interesting people.

The end of every relationship has its small dose of drama. But, we assure you, it’s nothing you can’t get over. After surviving your world being turned upside down, it’s natural to feel like going out and rediscovering romance. But how?

We know, breakups are a painful process, so it’s understandable that getting back into dating might be hard. You might have doubts or insecurities and you might not feel skilled at flirting anymore. But the truth is that returning to the dating world is a first step towards your recovery and regaining your self-confidence, as well giving you back the desire to enjoy a romance. At CLiKD we give you some basic tips to get you started.



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Close the chapter and focus on winning yourself back

Turn the page (or whole book) and leave no loose ends or doors ajar. Make sure that the last thing that needed to be said has been said and that the story between you and your ex is definitely over. Looking for an excuse to get back together with them is a way to lose sight of your main objective, which is to get back together with yourself.



Self-love is your number one priority and the only thing

that will allow you to enjoy dating again


Go at your own pace and take the initiative

Getting back into dating is a good sign that you want to get ahead, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that all your emotions are in order. That’s why it’s good to go slowly and only go as far as you can, or until you’re sure. Dating apps are a good place to take the time to meet people without pressure and on your own terms. Browse through profiles and start the conversation yourself. Finally, decide to date only if there’s a real connection – don’t do it just to hang out.



Do it for the right reasons

The basic rule for getting back into the game is to never do it just for the sake of not being alone. The point of dating is to have fun meeting new people, and of course also to get to know yourself better and to work on your confidence. If your motivation is a supposed need for companionship, because you’re panicking about being single, or a way to prove to your ex that you’re over him or her, maybe you need to take a little more time for yourself.



The basic rule of thumb for getting back in the game

is to never do it for the sake of not being alone.




Zero Expectations

If you were in a long-term relationship, it’s common for your mind to play tricks on you and confuse attention or affection with an opportunity to pick up where you left off. You should be aware that each new person represents a new connection and that comparisons or expectations will only end up making everything worse.



So here are four tips on how to get back into the dating world after ending a relationship. Remember, don’t close yourself off to the possibilities of something new, but don’t force things to happen either. Let it all flow and enjoy what comes your way. Guaranteed results!


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