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Top 10 Best Chat Up Lines To Help You Bag An Isodate!

  • Top 10 Best Chat Up Lines To Help You Bag An Isodate!

    Even in strange times like these, there are hopeful souls out there on the hunt to catch… Not coronavirus, but “feels” for an, as yet, unconvinced online partner. Yes, I’m looking at you dear reader – because why else would you have found yourself here, reading a blog on chat up lines from an online dating company?

    Understandably though, during this pandemic, there will be a pandemonium of poor chat and repetitive “So, what are you up to today?” messages, which simply does not cut, spread or even open the Mustard. In the best of times, being asked what you’ve been up to is a boring opener, let alone now when everyone is stuck inside.

    when the chat up lines are flat and uninspiring

    So, for you isodaters out there – still looking at you, dear reader – who are set on pursuing their quest for love, despite the impending doom of the coronavirus, we are here to provide assistance. Your friendly neighbourhood CLiKD team, here to help break the ice and spice up your isodating life.  

    Below are just a few hand-selected (we wore gloves, promise) one-liners to inspire you to go forth and spread joy, laughter and love to all those lucky enough to find themselves matched with you…


    1. You can’t spell quarantine without u r a q t.

    when you're impressed by their chat up lines

    Undoubtedly overused, but a great way to show off your linguistic and spelling ability to a potential virtual romance. Can also be substituted for “you can’t spell virus without U and I”.


    1. I’m falling for you harder than the stock market.

    Too soon? Ah well, showcasing you’re an economic whizz and making your match blush is a great start to any romance!


    1. Do you need toilet paper? Because I’ll be your Prince Charmin.

    when toilet paper makes good chat up lines

    I mean, who doesn’t need toilet paper? We recommend not substituting out Prince Charmin for Prince Andrex, for very obvious reasons. 


    1. I saw you from across the bar. Stay there.

    Following the government’s social distancing protocols is so hot right now!


    1. Are you covid-19? Because if I had you near me I wouldn’t leave the house for two weeks straight.

    When you're unsure of their chat up lines

    Wow, chat up lines comparing someone to an infectious disease? Way to make someone feel special!



    1. Come on over, I’ll pay your fine if you get stopped.

    A sure fire way to let your virtual date know you’re committed, kind and generous. (Disclaimer: we do not recommend going to someone else’s house, until the government say you can.)


    1. Wanna play Coronavirus and get spread on hard surfaces?

    when you send suggestive chat up lines

    Did it get hot in here, or is it just me? A dangerous one to start with, but fortune favours the bold!


    1. Stay home if you sicc, come over if you thicc.

    Again, whilst we do not recommend going against government policy, you can’t help but love this truly modern day piece of, what can only be described as, poetry.


    1. So, do you cough here often?

    Thinking of the chat up lines they sent

    A great spin on the classic line. It’s fun, witty and topical – a perfect trio that you need in chat up lines.


    1. Do you have coronavirus? Because I can’t stop looking ah-choo…

    Remember to make sure to include a pre-recorded sneezing sound, to ensure the full effect of this one! 

    So, there you have it, an executive guide to being THE isodater of the century that allows you to stand out (or socially distance) yourself from the crowd.

    Warning, make sure to use one soon, as some matches may already be immune…

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