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Top 10 Best London Bars To Meet Guys

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    best bars to meet guys in london
    We are closing in on National Mojito Day. So, CLiKD have come up with some advice on the best bars to meet guys in town to indulge in a cocktail whilst, potentially, enjoying some male-company!

    1) Alchemist

    One of the best bars located among the skyscrapers of Liverpool Street, it is a real gem that has some of the best cocktails in the city. Who knows? You may find yourself next to some very attractive and ambitious City bachelors, while watching your alcoholic potions being prepared!

    Witches making a potion, to meet guys? No need with our list of bars

    2) Maddison’s

    Spectacular views of St Paul’s and London’s skyline along with live music and fine dining – this place combines it all. Come here on a weekday and this bar will be buzzing with happy male workaholics, trying to catch some midweek rays of sunshine!

    3) Queen of Hoxton

    Classic mid-hipster Shoreditch bar, that also hosts some fun events like Rooftop Cinema and Live concerts. One of the best bars for a more relaxed, jeans and t-shirt atmosphere and… to meet some artsy guys!

    Leto hipster, the type of guy you meet in a bar
    4) Radio Bar

    Classy experience with stunning views! It’s tough to get in on Fridays, yet the wait is worth it. A place to enjoy the company of old and new money acquaintances. Definitely one of the best bars to meet guys.

    5) Skylight

    The original bar in East London that has a very creative take when it comes to the bar’s setting. It turns into an ice rink in winter (romantic, right?) and this Summer it’s decorated by the opulent day beds and lush garden booths. Definitely strikes the right note to meet that perfect man!

    6) Bar Elba

    This is another outdoor rooftop experience with some great cocktails! Definitely brings a lot of 18-27-year-olds on a sunny day, while the long tables serve as an excuse to get to know your table neighbour a bit better!

    7) Flight Club

    The home of the social darts, a truly great bonding activity that is sure to bring many men around. What’s wrong with asking to join an enthusiastic all-male group?

    darts with arrows, the ultimate drinking experience
    8) Ballie Ballerson

    Best bar to unleash your inner child, thanks to the ultimate ball pit bar experience! Have a few cocktails and get into a full-on ball pit fight, which encourages team-building and match-making. Disclaimer: better not wear a short dress/skirt and comfy shoes are recommended!

    9) Bar Rumba

    Whether or not you are a qualified dancer, it is definitely a go-to place to meet some guys. Besides, what better way to socialize than dancing, especially when it comes to a sensual rumba…

    old couple dancing in a bar

    10) Escapologist

    Great music, tasty cocktails, fantastic location – what else could you ask for? Though the place is quite small, and thus can get a bit crowded, so better be early than late!

    Now go and enjoy your Summer drinks and meet your fellow pint loving Prince in one of the best bars to meet guys!

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    By Maria Tsarkova