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Top 5 Christmas Date Ideas In London

  • Top 5 Christmas Date Ideas In London

    Christmas is cooomiiiiiing!! Are you still looking for Christmas date ideas? We’ve got a bunch of date ideas for you. There’s always a list of Christmas holiday ideas we can think of, but here are the top 5 of them to make the Christmas season much more romantic and unforgettable.


    1. Winter Wonderland

    Photo Credit - Winter Wonderland

    Photo Credit – Winter Wonderland

    As we expect every year, Winter Wonderland is in town for another year with promising rides, beer halls and much more. The ice rink, ice sculpture classes, the fire and Christmas market are back from last year. Moreover, there’s the Ferris wheel, a giant cuddly toy, getting frightened in the haunted house, staring into each other’s eyes over mulled wine/cider and tasting the chocolate fondues. Isn’t it such a romantic place for a Christmas date?


    1. Ice-rink

    Imagine skating on an ice-rink with your date, isn’t it the stuff of rom coms? It’s one of the sweetest ways to spend a Christmas date. Bundle up for an evening skating session and you’ll enjoy being surrounded by twinkling lights and starry skies.

    Ice skating on a Christmas date is like something out of a rom com

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re good or bad at ice skating. What matters is that it’ll make your date more fun and romantic. While ice skating is possible year-round at indoor skating rinks in London, there are plenty of outdoor ice rinks including ones at the Natural History Museum and at Somerset House.


    1. Go Karting

    If you are sick of dinner, drinks and cinema, then try something different on your Christmas date. Go-karting may be the one for you. It’s like Mario Kart, but in real life. By spending your date night go-karting, you’ll bring your dates into the 21st century with something he or she will always remember during Christmas!

    Go karting is a fun option for a Christmas date

    Aside from being different, it’s a fun competition and it promotes conversation. Unlike many other sports and physical activities, it’s a pretty level playing field where you can both show your competitive streak. Don’t let that ruin your date though. Moreover, physical activities are proven to be great love boosters! They’ll increase feelings of adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin, which make you feel like you’re falling in love. Take advantage of this Christmas date idea if you’re looking to spark a long-time romance.

    1. Igloos

    igloos-london (Secret London)

    Photo Credit: Secret London

    As the sun goes down, London’s igloos look increasingly appealing. Laden with sheepskin, candles and fairy lights, they’re the perfect spots to enjoy drinks or dinner with your loved one. Thames-side Coppa Club launched their igloos three years ago and they’ve already become one of the must-visit places in London. Even though the idea might not be authentic, they’ve already captured Londoner’s imaginations with their beautiful perspex igloos overlooking Tower Bridge. You will enjoy all the excellent food and drink options you’d expect from Coppa Club, so it’s a great Christmas date option.


    1. Chel-ski

    It’s getting to that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, it’s dark when we wake up and when we get home from work, plus everything is cold. However,, we shouldn’t let winter get us down, especially as London gets ready to host all the coziest experiences you could ever get. Chel-Ski, London’s largest indoor ski slope, is one of the places where you could spend your Christmas date night.

    Indoor ice skating is a great Christmas date

    Chel-Ski have collaborated with Bluebird Chelsea and transformed their terrace and winter lodges into an alpine scene. The alpine lodges are decorated with old fashioned wooden skis and sledges, vintage posters and fur cushions. Also, you are able to cure any cravings with cheese fondue, hot chocolate and warming cocktails. Delicious!

    Christmas is the perfect time to connect with your family and friends, but it’s a bit tricky to plan a date. So, if you want to make your Christmas date extra special and to come up with a good date idea, try one of these. It’ll be worth it.

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