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Top 5 Tips On How To Get Over A Breakup With A Guy

  • So, you’ve recently come out of a messy relationship or just don’t get a text back from the guy you’ve been crushing on for way too long… You want to stop feeling emotions for this person and cannot put the past behind you. Maybe it’s time to get over him? Here’s the top 7 tips for getting over a breakup with a guy.


    • Establish the Facts

    This won’t be easy. Moving on from him might seem impossible but it will only get easier once you understand that you gotta move on. Heartbreak is a grieving process and you need to understand why you are grieving. To understand why we are grieving, it is important to remember why you gotta get over them. You ain’t no boo boo of a fool to be lettin’ any man treat you like that, and you should not let them make the same mistakes again by moving on from him.

    Can we move on now? She said about the breakup


    • Perks of Moving On

    Moving on won’t only influence you, it would influence those around you as well. When you talk to your friends, family or pet dog, do you want to be talking about your breakup the whole time or a new guy you met through CLiKD (we will get to that later ?) but at the end of the day, it will effect the way you talk and act around other people. The sooner you move on, the sooner you can do other stuff with your friends and not dwell on your ex or somebody that you use to know… A little song reference there for you ?.

    Stick with friends after a breakup

    • Throw it away

    We need to establish what is causing you to remember him, is it the clothes, smell or even photos of you two together in what was once a cute moment? Delete it, hide it and remove it from plain sight. When you are surrounded by things that remind you of the person you once had feelings for, it is going to remind you of the short-term happiness you felt while you were with them. That short-term feeling of happy memories will make you wish and believe that you can still have those memories with that person and therefore provide you with the idea that getting back with your ex might be a good idea when the scientific, realistic and national geographic fact is that this is NOT a good idea and that getting back with him will only make the healing process worse for you. So, my best advice to you is to remove or at least hide all of the memories associated with him…Yes that includes his hoodies too.

    Throw it away after a break up


    • Distraction

    At this point, he must be running through your mind quite a lot in order for you to be looking online for help. That’s ok, it’s good in fact. It means that you know that thinking about him is not doing you any good and you need to sort it. Stop thinking about him? It’s not that simple, I know. Which is why you need something else to distract you from the breakup. There are a variety of ways to forget about him, going shopping…too broke? Yeah me too, why not go to the gym? Can’t be bothered or returning from an injury 9 years ago? Then why not watch a film, learn a language, read a book, go clubbing, go for a walk in the park or even something as simply as cooking a new dish could distract you from the breakup. The point is to keep yourself active and moving for your physical as well as mental state to reduce the chances of having excessive time or energy to think about this guy. Doing so can be the major step in allowing yourself to move on.

    After a little distraction, it's time to move on after a breakup


    • Sweet, sweet distraction…

    As well as gym and reading books, you can be bold and set yourself back into the scene. Be courageous and step out your comfort zone by going back into the dating scene. Meeting people can be the best way to get over others and allow you to make friends along the way! There are a variety of apps that allow you to meet, chat and date new people. Particularly, CLiKD is tailored so you meet people with your interests and hobbies. This is so you stop you wasting time with people you do not click with.


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