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Create Your Dealbreakers Here… 

Got an ingenious question that divides the nation? Welcome aboard, you creative genius!

We love our users uploading their own dealbreakers, because they are the people who’ll get the most out of them!

Now, how to do it? Easy!

1) Send in your “either or” question in the box below… and you’re done!

*You can stop here if you like, but if you want to get more creative, keep reading…

create questions (yes and no)

2) You can further establish your status as a true creative genius by sending in two corresponding pictures to go with your great question!

3) HOWEVER, we know you’re hot, but please don’t send in two pictures of yourself. Save them for your profile ?.

4) We want your questions and your genius to POP so, ideally, send in two different pictures that represent your two answers. These can be pictures you’ve taken or photos from free online resources, websites like unsplash.com.

If you’re struggling, check out our “hints and tips” for a bit of inspiration…

Remember, once your question is on the app, anyone can use it! Bonus point: If it becomes one of the more popular questions or is truly creatively ground-breaking, you could possibly win something epic, so get those thinking caps on people!

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Upload your questions here  

So you have a killer idea for a question…nice.  We’re keen that our questions are just the starting point, and that you guys help us grow clikd and push it forward.

What are we looking for?

We’re open to pretty much anything and everything.  However we do want questions which push us, challenge us and are generally, just bloody great. We’re not going to feature any old rubbish on clikd, it needs to have something special about it. Maybe the photography’s great, or the question’s clever, or it’s just damn right funny. Whatever it is, it has to have an angle or something about it, or you’re not getting in.

How do you add questions?

To upload a question you need add the text and two landscape photos (ideally 600×450 px) to the form below.  If that means nothing to you, or you’re struggling, just load up what you have and we’ll see if we can make it work (though it may involve some cropping).  Once we’ve had time to check what you’ve submitted, we’ll let you know if your question has been accepted, or if we want to make a few tweaks.  That won’t take more than a day or two, so you won’t have to wait long.  And don’t sweat it if you get rejected, it just means you have to up your game and come back with a better one…

Do you credit Photos/Questions?

These features aren’t built yet, as we’re only starting out at the moment.  But they’re coming, as we want to be the sort the app that credits people for their clever questions and photos.  You’ll have to give us some time to get that build though.  In the meantime, just be happy to see that you crushed it by getting featured on clikd, and knowing that other users can pick your question too.

On the other hand if you see a photo on here which is yours (and you haven’t given permission for it to be used) then do let us know, so we can take it down.

Struggling with coming up with questions?

No worries, we’ve got some guidance for you which we’ve ben using to come up with the questions already on clikd.  Check out our hints and tips for a bit of inspiration …

Remember, once your question’s on the app anyone can use it.  And if it becomes one of the more popular questions with our users, then we’ll be sending a treat your way.

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