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4 Cute Virtual Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

So, Valentine’s Day, they haven’t cancelled that right? Look, with all that has already happened in 2021, it might be nice to celebrate a day of love. While there are many types of love to celebrate (friendship, romantic etc.) we can’t deny that things will be a little different this year. We’re still in a pandemic. A lot of places are still in lockdown. Social distancing is still very much still in effect. Never fear though! We still have some ideas for how can you show your partner or person you’re seeing/dating the Valentine’s spirit, if that’s something you’re into. So, here are 4 cute virtual Valentine’s Day date ideas…

Get ready for a virtual Valentine's day


  • Play some deep/intimate games

With distance being a factor, a lot of people have actually been finding this a good time to get intimate… emotionally that is. Sure, you might not be able to cuddle with your new beau for some Netflix and Chill right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to connect. How about some deep games for your virtual Valentine’s day? Whether it’s Truth or Dare, Would You Rather for couples or even just asking each other the 36 questions that lead to love. There are a ton of fun ways to continue getting to know each other. If you want to get to know your potential matches better, check out CLiKD and their Dealbreakers.



Anyway, while you might not be able to wake up next

to your person, why not get creative and bring brunch in

the video date era?



  • Have a virtual brunch together from bed

Who else really, really misses brunch? Just me, ok cool! Anyway, while you might not be able to wake up next to your person, why not get creative and bring brunch in the video date era? You could each make your favourites (or even order them for each other and have them delivered to the other’s place) and eat from bed. This will give your virtual Valentine’s day an extra layer of intimacy, even if you can’t physically be together. Who said you couldn’t do breakfast in bed virtually?!


  • Make a playlist dedicated to all the memories you have together

As a virtual Valentine's Day gift, make them a playlist

Let’s be honest, we all love a good soundtrack. What better way to show someone how much they mean to you and how special the time you’ve had together has been than a playlist? You can include songs like the one that was playing in the bar on your first date, or the song from that TikTok dance you were both trying to learn in the first lockdown. The great thing is that so many platforms make it very easy to make playlists. This is the perfect virtual Valentine’s day gift, especially if you struggle to express how you feel.



We love this because why should Valentine’s day be the

only day you get a love letter?



  • Send them a love letter/card

If you’re a wordsmith, this one’s definitely for you. Who doesn’t love receiving mail right now? Getting orders from Amazon are the highlight of most of our days at the moment, so sending a cute letter or card for your virtual Valentine’s day can brighten your partner’s day right up. In fact, if you want to take things to a P.S I Love You level (you know, like the film and the book it’s based on) you can send a whole bunch of letters in a package with specific days or moods for them to open them in. For example, one letter could be for when they feel lonely, or if they’ve had a bad day at work etc. We love this because why should Valentine’s day be the only day you get a love letter?

Love letters can be for more than a virtual Valentine's Day

So, there you have it! 4 cute virtual Valentine’s Day date ideas. Even though we can’t necessarily be in the same room as our favourite people, there are still ways to show them you care. Just as there are ways to still put the romance back into dating, even virtually. Enjoy!


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