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What to Wear On a First Date

  • So, you’ve managed the hard part which is securing a date in the first place – congratulations! However, the stress of it all doesn’t end there. Now you have to rummage through your wardrobe and ransack your sibling’s bedroom’s to find the perfect first date outfit, and this is no easy task.

    With so many different styles and trends going around, it’s impossible to know what to wear on the first date and what to avoid. This is probably the part where you’d love us to declare there is no right or wrong choice but, unfortunately, this is not the case. There are certainly some outfits or items of clothing which you should and shouldn’t even consider when you are meeting somebody for the first time – let alone on a romantic level. This style guide will take you through our top five tips exploring the ‘no’s and go’s’ of what to wear on first dates.

    Know Your Setting

    Let’s start with the general vibe of your outfit. This should, of course, depend on where you’re going and what you’re doing on your first date – it’s essential to dress appropriately. For example, if you are going to a zoo, you really shouldn’t be dressed in your fresh Oxford shirt and a pair of suede loafers. On the other hand, a dirty pair of boots and a baggy hoodie is simply no good for a dinner date. If you are going for a dinner date, refer to the point below. If you are doing something in the day, then a smart casual outfit is the best way to go. Wear a minimal T-shirt, a pair of jeans or chinos and some clean white trainers. Understanding your environment and situation is key to getting your outfit right. There is nothing worse than turning up somewhere and feeling too over or under dressed. Dress naturally, and make sure you feel comfortable in whatever it is you decide to wear.

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    Be Yourself

    Another key rule to remember when dressing for a first date is to be yourself; we don’t want you panicking if you don’t know what to wear. There is no point in wearing a designer jacket that you’ve borrowed from your friend if you never have and never will wear designer clothes otherwise. First impressions are everything, as you should know by now. We’re all familiar with the term ‘start as you mean to go on’, and this doesn’t fall short with clothing. If you dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable, you will feel more comfortable in yourself, and this in turn, will make your date feel more at ease too. The clothes you wear should be honest and reflect who you are as a person.

    What Not to Wear

    With that being said, don’t get too comfortable. There are some pieces of clothing that should go straight onto the ‘no’ pile for a first date. It may be tricky to know what to wear on a first date, but knowing what not to wear should be easier. Remember that Hawaiian shirt you wore to your Dad’s ’50th birthday bash’? Put it in the pile. You can throw your bucket hat and 3/4 length cargo pants onto the pile as well. You’ll want your date to see the real you, but perhaps reserve your favourite, tattered novelty T-shirt for further down the line – no matter how ‘lovable’ we’re sure it may be. Other items of clothing to avoid on a date are caps (some people think they come across as rude, plus you can at least make the effort to do your hair) and sandals (no explanation needed).

    How to Dress For an Evening Date

    So, let’s get stuck in with a generic first date: dinner (or drinks). There is no need to go full on penguin with a three-piece tuxedo – instead, simply opt for a pair of black slim-fit jeans and a fresh, ironed shirt. Leave your tie at home and accessorise your outfit with a belt to add another dimension to your look. We recommend you match the shirt and jeans with a pair of black loafers, they are smart and bang on trend. Whether or not you wear socks with your loafers is up to you, however, if you do, make sure they are plain and understated. Nobody wants to see any SpongeBob faces peeping below your trouser hem. If you prefer wearing loafers without a pair of socks, be sure to check out the invisible socks that are available for men. Wearing these will prevent you from getting sweaty feet and smelly shoes. You know yourself best, so if you are self-diagnosed as insanely clumsy, do not wear a white shirt – gravy and red wine aren’t on the catwalks this season. In this case, a dark or patterned shirt will act as your best safety net (no, not the Hawaiian).

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    Layers Are Your Friend

    On the topic of ‘sweaty’, a first date is usually pretty nerve-racking, making sweat inevitable for some. Whether you’re going out in the daytime or the evening, we suggest you wear layers. We’re not telling you to take along a vest, a jumper and a scarf, but a jacket won’t do you any harm. If you start to get too hot and sweat patches are pending, you can take off your jacket. If you start getting too cold and you’re shaking like a nervous wreck, you can put your jacket back on. Do you see where we’re going with this? If you are prone to sweat, try to avoid wearing grey – you’ll thank us later.

    We hope these tips of what to wear on a first date serve you well – no matter where you’re going, these pointers should give you the foundations of what to wear to win your date over with style. If you’re looking for some new garms to flaunt, head over to The Idle Man, a menswear retailer that dresses the style conscious man. Hosting a whole load of brands including Barbour, YMC, Fred Perry and FILA, The Idle Man is the go-to destination for men. Alongside the online shop, The Idle Man’s Manual is a blog dedicated to offering men’s style advice as well as informative stories and guides about music, grooming and lifestyle – great conversation starters, by the way. So after you’ve found your perfect match on CLiKD, the creative dating app that helps you connect with people based on the personality behind your profile picture, let us give you more specific advice on what to wear for your next CLiKD date, take a read and have a browse. Good Luck!

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