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What Is Isodating?

  • Let’s set the scene: The year is 2020. The World Health Organisation has announced a pandemic of a life threatening virus which has forced governments worldwide into citywide lockdowns………….. but that date you went on last weekend was hella fun.

    Sound familiar? YEP. THOUGHT SO.

    I know what you’re thinking: “Of course my love life was going to be ruined by the Apocalypse”

    when you haven't heard about isodating yet

    Fear not though friends, Isodating is here to save the day!

    Isodating (verb) – Dating someone whilst following social distancing/self-isolation protocols.(Also See “Iso Dating” & “Iso-Dating”)

    What is Isodating?:

    With official policy being to practice social distancing if not full on self isolate we must turn to technology to not just maintain our connections but to step things up a bit and try and capture some of the excitement and romance of IRL Dating.

    Sorry folks a couple of extra text messages or a quick ball between binging box sets while your “working from home” ain’t gunna cut it, if you want to stand out an impress your date you’re gunna have to get a bit more creative than that, but don’t worry we are here to help with our top 5 suggestions for Isodating in style below:


    Top 5 ways to Isodate:

    1. Video Chat

    video chatting is great for isodating

    This is the Chicken Korma of Isodating – No Spice!  I won’t waste too much time on this one other than to say if you are going to low ball it this badly at least get your angles and lighting right, no one wants to stare straight up their dates nose for 30 mins or strain to make out their features through the glare of an intense back light!

    2. Movie Date

    A Movie Date – Now this actually beats its real life counter part. Cliché as it was taking your sweetheart to the movies, it always had one major drawback, you would barely talk (which is a bad thing). Now with the Netflix Party extension for chrome you can synch up video playback in two locations and group video chat! Now you can settle in for a couple of hours with your date asking “Who’s that one again?” “Why did they do that for?” “Do you think they will get married in the end?” “Will the good guys win?”  …. On second thoughts maybe their was a reason movies were best enjoyed in silence…

    3. Album Listening Party

    “Oh my gosh you have such great taste, I’d love you to give me some recommendations!”

    “I mean, here it is *presses play*”

    Yep. It really is that easy. Album listening parties happen all the time, such is the power of the internet.

    There is absolutely no reason why this couldn’t happen over a video chat instead of live tweeting. That way when that chorus pops off you can actually see the person reaction. You’ll obviously have to adjust the level you may usually listen to an album at, but it’ll be worth it.

    Your own intimate gig! Just be sure that if you are gunna bust a few moves on this isodate you actually have A) The skills and B) The space. Dabbing your lamp off the table isn’t going to impress anyone.


    4. Gaming Date

    gaming can even be part of isodating

    Has there ever been a better time to be a gamer? The government is literally telling you to stay inside to save the planet so why not join the battle to save a virtual one while you are about it, or destroy one, or race against the clock, and each-other, in any number of virtual arenas. Gaming comes with video chat to share tactics in co-op mode or throw shade if going head to head in versus mode. Just be careful not to let your competitive side come on too strong, maybe let them win a game or two as well.


    4. Lets Get Physical

    Now if gaming is too virtual for you and you want that authentic hot and sweaty sensation that can accompany a good date there are a new trend of social workout apps on the market. These allow you to join a virtual class with an instructor to put you through your paces….Psychologists tell us that say shared pain bring people together so crank up the volume and if you dig deep together you might just last forever!


    5. Romantic Meal for two?

    All that adrenalin worked up an appetite? How about a romantic meal for two? Food delivery is still available and trips to grocery stores are allowed so why not host your own cooking class? Find a recipe you both love online and then isodate as you share a video call as you try and cook the meal together.

    Food is always something that brings people together and now more than ever community is essential!

    You’ll be able to show off your skills and culinary knowledge, and also – PRO-TIP – You can even do this one if you are terrible in the kitchen, just keep smiling and eating no matter how salty and burnt it tastes!


    you can make isodating work for you

    Whilst this is a difficult time we’re all going through you have to remember, we’re all going through this together! We are so blessed to live in a modern world with so many ways to stay connected to people and live a fulfilled life with others!

    So there you have it, our advice for iso-dating your way through this crisis in style!

    happy about isodating

    Just remember to put health first when isodating and you’ll be grand!

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